Best Mountain Bike Cities In USA

Best Mountain Bike Cities In USAMountain biking is popular in the USA because of the various destinations that can be conquered. While most of us will think about mountains and areas that are actually going to push you to the maximum, few will start their research with the city where they will first go. This is how we will cover the best mountain bike cities in USA now, with a focus on high quality mountain biking opportunities available close to the city.

East Burke – Vermont

This small city is often referred to as the best USA trail system thanks to the 100 miles Kingdom Trails. Mountain biking here takes you straight through wooded forests and pastures while you will feel as if you were flying. Besides the quite well connected cross country riding system that you will find in the region, there is lift access riding offered by Burke Pike Park if you want to go outside the area.

Park City – Utah

According to the International Mountain Bicycling Association, this city is qualified as Gold Level Ride Center, being the only one with this qualification in USA. There is a strong network of available city wide bike lanes, cross country trails, scenic bike paths, downhill runs with lift access, bike parks and some great freeriding opportunities. The experience available is quite perfect for every single rider, ranging from those looking for adrenaline to those looking for relaxation.

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Santa Fe

This city does have many interesting advantages that can be mentioned. The town is artsy and has so many beautiful views of the scenic Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It is also an old city, over 400 years old. The riders can ride past great architecture, can pedal over 50 miles of great trails and can choose if they want to visit the Dale Ball trails or not, going for some technical adventures or for some relaxing adventures. The Windsor Trail is particularly interesting.


We normally think about horse racing and bourbon when looking at Louisville but this is a town that also offers many mountain biking opportunities for those interested. Louisville offers 20 in-town trails of great mountain biking opportunities, with plans to open many others in the future. Current plans highlight over 40 extra trails that will be opened. You will want to visit the Eva Bandman Park and many others of huge interest.


This great mountain biking city is located in the scenic Sonoran Desert. There are 5 mountain ranges that can easily be found around the town and this offers so many great singletrack opportunities. On the whole there are around 300 miles of great trails taking you to the backcountry and more. You will want to enjoy the Fantasy Island Network and in the event that you are adventurous, you will be able to go on so many mountain tracks.

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Marquette – Michigan

Right in the northern part of Michigan you can find some pretty great mini mountain bike tracks. Upper Peninsula is definitely wonderful but you will need to be ready to experience the 11 winter months per year present here. The trails are going to go through rugged terrain, rocky ridges and really old forests. Many beginner trails exist for those that are interested and if you are advanced, you will want to go on the technical trails filled with wood stunts.

Bend – Oregon

Right on the Cascade Mountains foothills, the great Deschutes River allows you to gain some great mountain biking experiences with a start in Bend. If you decide to visit, you have access to 200 miles of wonderful trails, giving access to some pretty great rides. You will want to experience Phil’s Trail Complex. Based on those that already went biking in Bend, the toughest part of mountain biking in the region is to choose out of the various options available.

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