Best Running Tours In Madrid

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When thinking about Madrid, we do not actually think about being a part of a running tour while visiting the city. However, if you are fit enough, you will want to seriously consider one of the 2 Madrid running tours that we are going to talk about in the following paragraphs. It is definitely a unique way to keep your heart rate high while you marvel at what this city has to offer.

Madrid Small Group Running Tour

Madrid Small Group Running Tour

See Madrid’s main sights and exercise at the same time while being a part of a small running touring group, limited to a maximum of 15 people at the same time so that proper attention can be received from your guide. This is a tour that is actually led by one of the local fitness expert guides. It lasts around 1.5 hours and you get to choose out of 5 different itineraries that start at different times of the day. The running pace is set by the slowest runner in the group so everyone will be on track.

This small group running tour of Madrid will take you to various interesting attractions like Temple of Debod, Royal Palace of Madrid and there is even the possibility of going on itineraries that get out of the sight of the public by exploring areas that not that well-known by foreigners. If we were to choose one of the itineraries, we would definitely recommend choosing City Highlights, which is more general and better suited for first time visitors.

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Private Madrid Running Tour

private running tour madrid

If you want to go on a running tour while gaining complete attention from your guide, you can do this on this tour that will last 2 or 3 hours. You can easily exercise while being involved in an itinerary that is 100% flexible, tailored to what you want to see. The running speed ranges from light running to jogging so your fitness level is always taken into account. There are many interesting options that are available when it comes to the itinerary, with the runner being able to visit options like Buen Retiro Park, Casa de Campo and so much more.

The private tour is perfect because of the extra information that you receive from the local guide since he/she will be able to answer absolutely all the questions that you may have. The guide is like-minded and you can choose the start time that suits your schedule, even the duration of the tour.

General Considerations

No matter what Madrid running tour you decide to be a part of, remember to adapt to the local weather. For many tourists, the temperatures will be really high and this will not be pleasant if the running shoes and extra gear that you take with you is not adequate. Do bring your running shoes with you or buy a pair if you did not take one with you for the trip.

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