Dining Experiences In Madrid

Madrid is not the first city that you think about when you want to visit Spain, even if it is the capital of the country. However, if you are a foodie at heart, you will want to because of the dining experiences that are possible in this great city. Spanish cuisine is wonderful and what better place to experience it than Madrid, a city that is renowned for the cuisine?

Cooking Classes For Tourists In Madrid

Cooking Classes For Tourists In Madrid

You can actually learn how to cook authentic dishes in Spanish cuisine while being guided by a local specialist. Combine this will exploringthe Torrijos Market food stalls and then go to the cooking school. Various flagship dishes are going to be cooked with paella being a favorite for most tourists. However, you can also enjoy Spanish omelette and you will be offered a tasting of some great white and red wines. To make matters even more interesting, the cooking experience is limited to just 10 people so personalized attention is a guarantee.


  • the cooking class in Madrid lasts 3 hours
  • visit Torrijos Market even before the class
  • learn how to cook classic Spanish cuisine dishes
  • receive a recipe card in order to be able to re-create dishes while at home
  • small group guarantees a completely personalized experience
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The instructor will be met at the Torrijos Market, right in the center of Madrid. You will go through the stalls and then go to the cooking school in order to start your class. Participants will also learn about cuisine traditions and history so you do get a lot from your cooking class.

Hard Rock Cafe Madrid Dining Experience

Hard Rock Cafe Madrid Dining Experience

Madrid is definitely an exciting and vibrant city with so much to offer. Those that do not love Spanish cuisine will want to visit Hard Rock Cafe Madrid because of the classic US style music and food that is offered there. There are various 2 to 3 course dinners available and various soft drinks you can choose from. The retail store is perfect for rock memorabilia and food will be great, no matter what you decide to choose from the menu.

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