Best Scuba Diving Sites In Argentina

Argentina is not a country that is renowned for the scuba diving that it offers but there are various opportunities that are tremendous. This is especially true for Europeans, North Americans and a huge part of Asia since the seasons are basically in reverse. The summer months are January and February, both humid and hot.

In Argentina you can easily find some really tall mountains, stunning desserts, impressive waterfalls and a huge diversity when referring to the wild. You will surely love the scuba diving options available, which we will talk about below.

Peninsula Valdes

Peninsula Valdes

This peninsula is located around 1,400 kilometers away from Buenos Aires and is a paradise for those that love wild animals. The continent is connected to the peninsula by a land strip with a width of 5 kilometers. We basically see it looking like an island that is hanging on to the continent.

The main highlights of this scuba diving site included:

  • Around five hundred thousand Magellan penguins – October to March
  • Sea lions – December and January
  • Elephant Seals – October
  • You can see flamingoes, guanacos and sea rheas
  • Southern Right whales – June to December gathering with October as the peak month.

We can say that whale watching season lasts from June to the middle of December and from October to March you will get to see so many lovely penguins. Even killer whales are sometimes visible during April.

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ushuaia scuba diving

Ushuaia is the name of a rather small city in the south of Argentina. It is known as The City At The End Of The World, famously placed in the Beagle Channel. We can say that the scuba diving experience here is great but the water is cold. Divers will get the opportunity of swimming along giant kelp, dive with king crabs, jellyfish, discover many colorful creatures and can visit shipwrecks.

The water will be cleaner and calmer during the winter because winds are less frequent. During the summer, water temperature rises, plankton growth increases and visibility is lowered.

These two sites need to be experienced for scuba diving enthusiasts that want to visit Argentina. It is a guarantee that the experience will be remembered for a really long time.

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