The Best Scuba Diving Sites In India

As you surely already figured out, Travel Tipsor loves scuba diving and practically all travel activities that are extreme. Yesterday we talked about the best scuba diving spots in Dubai and now we will talk about the best ones in India. Many do not know this but there are various interesting scuba diving spots in the country.

It is interesting to notice the fact that most people do not know about the fact that there are many scuba diving sites in India. Let’s shed this myth and tell you about some that may very well blow your mind.

Andaman scuba diving

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

The Andaman is made out of 572 small islands. You can enjoy unspoiled beaches, beautiful turquoise water and great looking birds. Go to Havelock Island for the perfect scuba diving experience. This includes coral reefs, palm trees, dense forests and pearl white beaches. You will see fish, turtles and dolphins so it is obvious you will love what is offered. If you want to learn deep sea diving, this is easy since you can enroll in one of the many schools that are present. Visit in the period from October to May.

Lakshadweep Islands diving

Lakshadweep Islands

The location is 240 kilometers off Malabar Coast, a cluster formed of 36 islands with so much crystal clear water and white coral sand, a true paradise for diving. The tourists are mesmerized by natural coral reefs, exquisite marine life and blue lagoons. You will feel calm as soon as you get into the water and the sight will be one you will always remember. It may seem like you can catch fish by hand but that is not actually the case.

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Netrani Islands diving

Netrani Islands

Netrani is located right on the coast of Karnataka. The location is great for both snorkeling and scuba diving. You will love the clear waters as they are practically blessed with so much marine life like butterfly fish, coral, parrot fish, trigger fish, shrimps and eels. You would have a truly unique diving experience. In many occasions you would go diving via a boat that is anchored near the island.

If you are thinking about visiting, you should do so between December and January. Also, you need permission so that your diving experience would be perfect. The Indian navy uses Netrani for practice so you do not want to be faced with problems.

Goa scuba diving


We left the most popular Indian scuba diving destination last. However, it is also one that few people actually know offers scuba diving activities. Goa is not just limited to cuisine, alcohol and beaches. You should visit Grand Island, located 20 kms from Candolim. You will love the phenomenal visibility offered by Goa at even really deep points. Tourists can see tinted corals, small fish, beautiful shells and various marine life forms.

Next time you are in India, make sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for. If you really love scuba diving, the country will offer so much for all interested. It is a guarantee that the dive experience will be wonderful. Just make sure that you learn exactly what you choose.

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