Skydiving In Dubai – What To Remember

Skydiving in Dubai is exactly the type of flamboyant experience that you would expect to go through. The experience is definitely interesting and throwing yourself from such a height in a tandem jump is something that is wonderful. Those that have experience with skydiving can even go on solo jumps but in this case they need to be able to prove that they can take care of themselves properly.

Before Jumping In Dubai

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Obviously, there are some restrictions. In order for you to not waste your time, you need to meet criteria. All is based on the company that you will skydive with in Dubai. However, all of them usually have some simple restrictions that need to be respected. You will need to contact in advance in order to announce your weight and height since that will decide who you jump with.

At the same time, you cannot go skydiving in Dubai if:

  • You are pregnant
  • A baby under 3 years old cannot fly – Youngsters need to comfortably wear the helmets offered.
  • No dislocated shoulder in the past
  • You are under the influence of drugs that are non-prescribed or intoxicated with alcohol.
  • You did not sign the special waver
  • You did not get a signed permission slip from guardians or parents when under 18
  • You are wearing plaster cast.
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Skydive Dubai

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While there are also other companies that you can consider, Skydive Dubai is the one that will automatically catch your attention. That is due to the fact that it is well advertised and highly experienced. This is definitely the Dubai skydiving company that you want to consider working with. At the moment, they are preparing their fall jumps, which are quite interesting.

With Skydive Dubai you will experience quite an adrenaline rush while you shoot down at speeds of 210 kilometers per hour. This is a premier skydiving opportunity that gives you access to stunning views as you go towards the ground. The safety record is spotless and the drop zone is a huge attraction in itself. The staff is really friendly and you will always feel great, even when you just have a snack after or before the job.

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