Best Skiing Opportunities In Croatia

Croatia is highly underestimated when referring to skiing opportunities. People tend to easily forget about Janica Kostelic and her tremendous 4 gold medals win during the 2002 Winter Olympics. She did train in the country, although many believe otherwise.

While it is quite obvious that Croatia should not be seen as the best skiing destination in Europe, it is a really interesting opportunity. If you are a skier and you do want to enjoy something interesting, you will want to look at the country since the slopes are quite simple and incredibly cheap when compared with resorts in other countries.

Mount Sljeme


This mountain is located outside Zagreb. It has a really convenient location for a ski resorts, right on the Medvednica Mountain northern slope, a nature park in Croatia that you will surely appreciate. There are 4 ski runs, 1 triple chair lift and 2 ski lifts. The runs that you can experience here include all the levels you may want to experience from a tree or a blue run to a green or red run. In most cases snow is available for around 3 months every single year. This resort is one that is so easy to reach by both bus and tram when going out from the center of Zagreb.

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Bjelolasica is located close to Karlovac. It is easy to get there by train, bus or car when going out from Zagreb. This is the largest of all the ski resorts in Croatia, giving you access to ski lessons, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. The only problem is that this resort is not that snowy. In many situations there is artificial snow that is used.



Platak is located to the northeast of Rijeka, 26 kilometers away. There are 7 ski runs and an impressive 10 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails. Snow is usually present every single day during the winter season until the month of May. To make matters even more interesting, when you get to the top you see a view that is simply breathtaking. All facilities and equipment that you want is available.

Petehovac Mountain Lodge

This is a skiing opportunity that only now appeared, close to Delnice. It features a ski run of around 410 meters. The vertical drop is of 51 meters. We are talking about a 26 beds lodge with mountain views that can be seen from every single room.

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