Best Paragliding Sites In Nevada

Nevada is not well-known because of the paragliding sites that it offers but in the event that you are looking for such an experience in the state, you will love the fact that there are many opportunities available. We highlighted those that are seen as being among the best by both locals and tourist, with an emphasis put on various skill levels. Consider them and if you had a great experience with another gliding site in Nevada, let us know.

Jean Ridge

Jean Ridge

The Jean Ridge Dry Bed has a breathtaking ridge with prevailing winds, which is a paraglider’s dream come true. It a favorite area for paraglider pilots and hang gliders in the Las Vegas area. The area is flat-topped and 300 ft. tall. It has a ridge that is 1-mile long facing in the Southwest direction towards the Dry Lake Bed. The hill itself is made of rock and soft sand. There are several launch sites that have been established on different elevations. A dirt road has been set up providing access to the base and to the top. A 4-wheel drive is suggested to get to the top. If you plan on hiking there, ensure you have good kiting skills. When the wind is at sufficient speeds, pilots can kite gliders to the launch zones.

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To get to Jean Ridge Dry Bed, take the Interstate 15 going South and exit at #25 on Sloan.

Good Springs

Good Springs

Sometimes called Lower Potosi, this site is located near the town of Good Springs. It is a mountain that houses radio antennas. This is a great spot for desert thermal-flying. Many of the longest paraglider flying times in the Southern Nevada region originate from this location. The record in Nevada is 62 miles and it started from this site. Even when conditions are stable, it can take a paraglider around 15 minutes to come down to the desert floor. The area has two launch sites: front and back sides. The front faces the Las Vegas area and is best when winds are coming from the easterly direction. The back launch area is great when winds arise from the southerly direction. Even though the launch area is not difficult, care should be taken to prevent aborted launches because the area is steep. The area for landing is quite wide and has access via dirt road along the mountain’s base. The best landing spot is in the East. Pay attention to Joshua trees and power lines which are scattered along the desert. The best time to paraglide is Spring through to Fall. Ideal winds range from 5 to 12 MPH. Launching in the desert during the summer is much more dramatic and usually occurs in the morning.

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To get to Good Springs, take the Interstate 15 going south and exit at #12.

Other paragliding sites to consider in Nevada:

  • Duck Hill

Located in the Washoe Valley, 20 miles South of Reno, this area is used by paragliders of throughout the year. Beginners through to experienced paragliders use this site. The elevation of the launch is 5900m and landing is on a large, flat grassy field.

  • Kingsbury Grade

The area features a steep slope. Take off is at 2045 m and landing is at 1441m.

  • Slide Mountain

This is a highly technical site with turbulent air and strong thermals. Beginners and novices should seek intense training and think twice before flying solo. If the winds are blowing west, you should consider gliding from another site.

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