Learning To Surf In Dorset, England

You do not need to go to an exotic location in order to learn how to surf. You can do this in Dorset, England, with many interesting options available for those that want to improve. It is something that you want to enjoy as there are various great surf places in Dorset, England. We will talk about that a little bit below but we will first talk about where you can learn where to surf in Dorset, England.

Bournemouth Surf School

learn to surf in dorset, england

This is definitely the surf school that you want to go to if you want to learn how to surf in Dorset, England or you want to improve the skills that you have at the moment.

Beginner Surf Sessions

The experience of being able to stand on your very first wave is something that is memorable. You will throw the hands in the air and you will feel like screaming. However, this is only possible in the event that you will learn how to do this. Also, you will most likely have this feeling just for a few seconds before you fall when you learn.

Beginner surf sessions are available at the Bournemouth Surf School for a price of £35 per person. You will need to be over 16 and  if you are under 16, the price goes down by 5 GBP. The price mentioned is for 1 two hours session. You will get all the equipment needed like wetsuits and boards. Group beginner surf lessons are also available. When you book you will have to pay 10 GBP as a deposit.

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Improve Surfing Lessons

In the event that you already know how to SUP or surf and you want to simply improve, the professionals at the school are going to help you to become a lot better. The improver sessions are a little cheaper, 25 GBP per person and the instructor will offer numerous tips and hints that can improve paddle boarding and surfing.

Where To Surf In Dorset, England

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After you learn how to surf, you will want to eventually go surfing. Contrary to what many think, there are various interesting options available. The top 5 surfing spots that we have to highlight in Dorset, England are:

  • Kimmeridge Bay

This is definitely a wonderful location right on the south coast. Some of the country’s best waves can be found in the bay and you will be able to enjoy consistent long waves.

  • Highcliffe Beach

The views facing Isle of Wight and Christchurch Bay are beautiful. Surfing on the beach is wonderful. Because of this, we have to recommend this destination as one you want to consider after you learn surfing or if you already know how to surf.

  • Bournemouth Beach

You can surf in great conditions at Shouthborne and the Pier. Just as you surely imagine, this is a very popular surfing location that is quite close to the town.

  • Durlston Point
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In the event that you stay in Swange Bay, you will want to try surfing in Durlston Point. Even if this is the last recommendation we have, it is one that you will absolutely love. You may miss waves in many days but once you get the waves, you will want to keep surfing since the conditions are great.

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