Best Surfing Spots In Portugal

Portugal is definitely one of the best surfing destinations in Europe. The country has mild climate and solid surfing options offered with common offshore morning breezes. There are many wave varieties present and surfers of practically all abilities can be accommodated. You can learn how to surf in various locations as there are many packages available for those interested.

The country currently picks up south, west and north Swells, thus offering consistent surfing conditions. During winter months the size of the waves is of around 6 feet while getting as high as 15 feet, sometimes even more. You can surf during summer months on waves of 3 to 5 feet.

It is recommended that you conduct some research before you go surfing in Portugal due to the fact that there are so many options available. We will only present some that are considered as being among the best. You should be aware of the fact that Portugal currently attracts world class champions and this in itself is a statement of how great the surfing conditions are.

Let’s talk about some of the interesting and recommended surfing spots in Portugal. Consider them for your next adrenaline filled surfing vacation.

Surfer rides a wave at famous surf spot, Padang Padang in Bali.


This locations is better known under the name Red Rock. It is a spot that presents different breaks, a large sand extension, between Belgas and Lagido. Surfers of different skill levels can be accommodated and the entire surfing experience would be better when referring to N swell and SE wind. Surfinn Peniche is 5 minutes away. If you have 10 minutes, you can go to Surfinn Fozz.

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This is a wonderful surfing spot in Portugal for those that need to also learn the sport. That is because we have access to some wonderful surf schools, with access to Algarve for that. When you surf during a really great day, you will never forget the experience. The local surfers will always go for this region as other spots in the region will be stormy or big. In a big day, there is an unforgettable right hander that is perfect for those that are experienced.


This is an area that is really well exposed to North Atlantic swells, a great alternative surfing spot during Rip Curl Pro Portugal. It is possible to ride different tubes on some of the good days. Because of the large sand extensions and various breaks, the beach is preferred by various local schools in order to teach surfing.


This is the beach where the big riders want to go. When the swell is the greatest, this is the best spot in the entire region and you have access to the very best conditions when referring to extreme long waves. It is located right north of Praia do Amado. It is different and less crowded. You can even practice kite surfing when the days are windier.

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Remember that these are just some of the surfing spots that should be mentioned. We have access to so many others that are incredibly interesting and that you have to consider. As we already said, make sure you consider all options.

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