Best Trekking Regions In France

Best Trekking Regions In FranceFrance is a really interesting and rich country so it should come as no surprise to see so many great trekking regions that are available for enthusiasts. This is a country that is literally filled with art, churches, castles and wonderful scenery. Many little towns can only be described as being superb. Most travelers will tell you that it is virtually impossible to go to a city and not find at least some delicious food to experience.

The country has so many diverse regions, ranging from the lush Burgundy to the Pyrenees. Trekking in the Alps is definitely something that many would consider. Combine this with hiking and walking. Creating a perfect vacation that is built around trekking is definitely something possible in France.

France Trekking, Hiking And Walking

What many do not know is that some of the best treks, hikes and walks are available in France. This ranges from trekking trails and mountain hiking to historic pilgrimages or coastal beauties. A trek like Tour du Mont Blanc is definitely something that would have to be experienced at least once by enthusiasts.

The main thing that could be said is that any holiday can be really varied. You will find options that are available for lal energy levels and personal tastes. If you do not want to experience something physically demanding, walking is always a possibility.

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The Most Popular France Trekking Regions:

  • The Alps – this does include Vanoise, Aiguilles Rouges and Mont Blanc.
  • The Pyrenees – you want to try Gavarnie Cirque, Sentier Cathar and Pyreneen High Route.
  • Jura
  • Massif Central
  • Corsica – this should include the spine GR20 traverse
  • Provence – including Verdon Gorge and Alpes Maritimes

France Trekking Tips

In order to organize a really great France trekking vacation, remember some simple common sense tips:

  • Get A Map – You should have one since you never know when you are going to need it. At least never cut a path without having a map.
  • Go With Friends – While the number of people that would travel with you is highly subjective since you want to have a great time, you should at least have someone with you. An ankle problem in the middle of the Alps would be hard to deal with if there is nobody near you.
  • Take Food With You – When you go trekking in France you should have some food and water. You can at least have something like dried fruit with you and food cans can be pretty good.
  • Think About Your Body – You want to dress right and at least have a first aid kit with you. Think about accessories too. You will love sunglasses during summer. Be sure that you do not forget about shoes. They are a huge part of a good trekking experience.
  • Let Someone Know What Your Plans Are – Someone should be aware of where you will go and what you want to do.
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France trekking is definitely an experience you will want to think about in the event that you travel to the area and you love nature. Give it a go and you will not regret it.

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