The World’s Very Best 6 Flyboarding Destinations

The World’s Very Best 6 Flyboarding DestinationsFlyboarding is a highly exciting, adrenaline-filled travel activity that many start to love. It is highly empowering and liberating so many countries started to develop great facilities for them. Read on to learn where you want to go to enjoy world-class flyboarding at its very finest.

Simply put, flyboarding sees you with a jetpack on your back, one that is water propelled. It will make you hover over the water as it uses water pressure through a hose that is attached. The only real requirement to participate is to weigh between 80 and 300 pounds. This sport is not risky but you do want to enjoy it under the guidance of a highly trained instructor. The really exciting places you want to seriously consider for a memorable flyboarding vacation are the following.


The Spanish coasts are renowned for the shiny blue waters that basically invite you in. The summer is a good enough incentive to enjoy the waters. Flyboarding is really great in locations like Catalonia and Palma de Mallorca. Make sure that you look for wonderful spots between Barcelona and Menorca with prices that are much better than expected, especially with experienced guides.


It should be no surprise to see that USA is a great option for flyboarding. The scenery is great in various locations, offering panoramas that are unforgettable from a height and numerous rugged coasts. The facilities that are built for flyboarding are incredible and memorable. It is a really good idea to indulge in flyboarding in San Diego, some parts of Texas and Las Vegas.

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The coastline of the country is renowned because of how beautiful it is, bringing in truly gorgeous vistas. The waters are azure and the sands are slippery, soft. If you are an adventure and beach lover, Mexico should be really high on your to-visit list. Flyboarding is great in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.


Out of all the modern travel destinations, Dubai is 100% the most impressive one. The metropolis was designed and conceived by man in order to be a true dream destination, even if natural odds were really low for this to be possible. It is very difficult to be bored in Dubai and as you surely expected, flyboarding is available at the highest quality standards possible. The waters are glittering and multilingual instructors wait for you in order to make the experience even more thrilling.


The beaches in Columbia are renowned for inviting waters and highly dramatic contrasts. The coastline can only be described as being glorious. Caribbean skies are always blue and the vibe will be highly laidback, like a reggae song. Cartagena is a prime flyboarding destination close to La Boquilla, with beaches that are totally understated. The Pacific waters are beautiful from above and the surrounding scenery is always grandiose.

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The entire continent is blessed with natural sights that are among the best in the entire world. You want to visit the Gold Coast at least once in your life since it features so many colors that are emanating from the variety of sealife and corals present. Transparent waters make the destination great for flyboarding. You can easily dive with dolphins and then go flyboarding in the same day, making a memorable experience even better.

The six destinations we highlighted are obviously incredible for flyboarding but there are so many others that you are going to enjoy all around the world. Start with them and see what else you can enjoy. Are there other spots that you enjoyed and that you want to share with adrenaline seekers from around the world? Let us know in the comment section below.

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