The Most Beautiful Russian Trekking And Hiking Spots

The world’s largest nation is definitely a land full of opportunities for adventurers. Hikers and trekkers have many alternatives for their outdoor explorations. From nature reserves to archaeological landmarks, mystical lakes and sacred mountains, Russia has a lot of marvels for those who love to embark in trekking and hiking adventures. Here’s a list of 9 most beautiful trekking and hiking locations in Russia:

  1. Altai Mountains

Altai Mountains hiking

The most mountainous Russian region, The Republic of Altai, is the place where nature created one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Loved by trekkers and hikers from all over the world, the place is truly magical. Various trekking and hiking tours are available and the mountains can reveal many of their secrets during trekking and hiking including the mysterious region of Belukha toe, the Akkem glacier and Kucherlinskoe Lake.

  1. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal hiking

Located in Siberia, Lake Baikal is another popular destination or trekkers and hikers. Besides admiring the beautiful Lake Baikal, tourists can also cross rivers, discover the delta of the Verkhnyaya Angara River, hidden land and water spots, rocky cliffs and the beautiful Siberian nature.

  1. Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus hiking

Mount Elbrus, Europe’s largest mountain, is situated in the Caucasus region. Most itineraries in this area include climbing Terskolak Pea, discovering Syltran Lake, crossing the glaciated Irik Pass and, of course, climbing on Mount Elbrus’ highest peak.

  1. Mount Fisht

Mount Fisht hiking

Mount Fisht is another beautiful mountain area located in the Caucasus region and it is loved by trekkers for the gorgeous Khmelnovskogo Lake and the surreal mountain landscapes.

  1. Bystrinsky Nature Park

Bystrinsky Nature Park hiking

This nature reserve is one of the most beautiful natural parks in Russia and it is the largest protected area in Kamchatka. The park was included on the list of World Natural Heritage List and it is renowned for its stunning alpine landscapes, larch forests, hot springs, rare and endangered plant and animal species and its unique vegetation.

  1. Teberdinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve

Teberdinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve

Hiking and trekking in the Teberdinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve includes discovering the scenic Chuchkhur Waterfalls, walking through a beautiful silver fir forest, admiring picturesque views of the mountain Dombay-Ulgen while noticing various bird species like bearded and black vultures and golden eagles.

  1. Khibiny Mountains


One of the two main mountain ranges from the Kola Peninsula, Khibiny Mountains are perfect for challenging multi-day expeditions for hikers and trekkers. The deep valleys and the tremendous mountain scenery will definitely provide an awe-inspiring experience for adventurers.

  1. Mussa-Achitara Ridge

Mussa-Achitara Ridge hiking

This Russian hiking location provides magnificent mountain views and the opportunity to discover unique plants and forests. The region is similar to the European Alps, but it is also considered more beautiful due to its amazing landscapes and beautiful waterfalls.

  1. Ural Mountains

Ural Mountains hikingUral Mountains offer a lot of opportunities for trekkers and hikers. Mount Iremel, the most beautiful mountain of the southern Urals; The Plateau Kvarkush, a great birding location; Mountain Narodnaya, the highest mountain in the Urals  and the picturesque Aleksandrovskaya Hill are just some of the places hikers and trekkers should consider when it comes to this mountainous Russian region.

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