Best Tent Camping Sites In Norway

Norway offers great opportunities for trailers, tents and caravans all around the country. There are some wonderful campsites that are available along lakes and the coast. You can also see various options that are available in the wild and mountains. Even some island areas are available.

In order to help you make some good choices, here are the top tent camping sites in Norway, sites that did receive 5 stars ratings by the Confederation Of Norwegian Enterprise.

Kristiansand Feriesenter

Kristiansand Feriesenter

The campsite is locates in Southern Norway, near Kristansand. There are various facilities available, including space for 250 caravans or tents. Those interested can also rent rooms or cabins. The Kristiansand Feriesenter campsite is located right by the sea. Offered activities include boat rentals, kayaking and scuba diving. In the event the weather is bad, people can stay indoors and take advantage of the hot tub, sauna or have a massage.

Hallingdal Feriepark

Hallingdal Feriepark

Hallingdal Feriepark is located in Eastern Norway. There are 180 spaces for mobile homes and caravans, together with 20 luxurious cabins. This camp has its main focus put on activities. You can thus enjoy petting zoo, zip-lines, a huge playground and climbing walls. You can also take an ATV and go on a safari or simply go canoeing. The camping site is located wonderfully between Olso and Bergen.

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Solvgarden Hotell & Feriesenter

Solvgarden offers a tremendous camping experience. You can relax in a caravan or a tent but you can also choose to stay at the on-site four star hotel. Close to the camp you will see river Otra. It offers options for fishing, kayaking and canoeing. You can also enjoy skiing, rafting, hiking and climbing. Various Norwegian interest places are available including Stavanger, Kristiansand and Lysefjorden.

Moysand Familiecamping

Moysand Familiecamping

The camp was founded in the year 1929 and stands out as being one of the best in the country. The facilities and the site received some major upgrades in the past years, thus leading to a maximum rating. You will like the beaches that the campside offers and you will have a great time in Moysand Familiecamping.


Byrkjelo Camping

Byrkjelo is organized and clean. This is a camp that constantly tries to develop, service is excellent and when referring to sanitary standards, everything is as high as it should be. You will love the heated and large outdoor pool. There is also a smaller pool available for children. The garden house is perfect for barbeques and you will even get internet broadband access. If you visit, make sure to explore fjords.

Nordal Turistsenter

Nordal Turistsenter Camping

Nordal Turistsenter is located in Lom. The camp is family owned and welcomed travelers for years. You have access to around 100 spots for caravans, mobile homes and tents. There are also 64 cabins. Many of them have their very own toilet and shower.

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Grindatfjord Feriesenter

Grindafjord Feriesenter

Grindafjord is definitely one of the best camps in Norway from 2008. It is a family run camp that is located in rolling terrains, with around 400 trailers that are perfectly set in the middle of nature. You will surely love the high standard offered.

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