Best Wildlife Watching Spots In British Columbia

Canada is a wonderful country that you can visit in the event that you want a great wildlife watching experience and British Columbia does live up to this reputation. There are so many interesting locations you can consider and that you will really like, including the following:

wildlife watching british columbia seals

  • Victoria – Bald Eagles

So many bald eagles can be seen close to Victoria, some miles to the north. This is actually one of the best possible places to see bald eagles all around the world, in Goldstream Provincial Park. Based on a recent count that was done in the area, there are around 4,000 of these birds that are present. The best possible month to visit is surely January.

  • Pacific Rim National Park – Gray Whales

There are not many sights that you can experience in the world that are similar to seeing whales in the wild. If you want to visit this park during March, you will get a chance to see gray whales in a completely natural habitat as they migrate towards the north from Mexico. If you want to visit during March, you can consider a visit during the interesting Pacific Rim Whale Festival for a different but still high quality experience.

  • Robson Bight – Orcas
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There are various whale watching boats that will take you out from Port McNeill and Telegraph Cove. They allow you to see the killer whales as they go through Johnstone Strait looking for salmon. They actually stop from time to time at Robson Bight to relax after a large meal.

  • Columbia River Wetlands – Songbirds

Columbia River covers a great area that is filled with marshes, streams and fluvial lakes between Windermere and Golden. This is a perfect habitat that offers the possibility of seeing so many animals, including coyotes and moose. The wetlands region is currently a wildlife refuge and is protected by the authorities. Bird watching is mostly impressive during fall and spring. There are way over 270 species you can see here.

  • Banff National Park – Elk

Obviously, you cannot go to Canada and not get to see some elk. There is no country in the world where you would have a higher chance of doing so and no region with as many elks as Banff National Park. Elks in the region actually graze right in front of the lawns of homeowners. If you want to also combine hiking with your visit, consider Fenlands Trail. It is a great grazing area and the scenery is beautiful.

  • Waterton Lakes National Park – Black Bears
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Black bears are present in the entire Canadian west region. Even so, you will have a huge possibility to see bears in this national park. The open prairies grasslands bring in so many black bears.

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