Experience Extreme Cliff-Face Camping With Kent Mountain, Colorado

Today we are going to talk about a wonderful and extreme cliff-face camping experience offered by Kent Mountain Adventure Center INC. If you are in Colorado and you love cliff climbing, you do want to experience this.

Just as you can easily imagine, we are referring to the possibility of sleeping in a tent that is hanged right on the face of a trip. This is for those that have a lot of courage. Most people will simply want to enjoy some sort of picnic while at a high altitude.

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The Adventure Center will surely give you an experience that you love. You will not be on your own. There will be a KMAC guide with you that can aid you in setting up the cliff wall camp with portaledge. Those that do not know much about climbing can be taken through all the basics that are needed. This includes rappelling and learning how to ascend fixed ropes with mechanical ascenders.

The portalegde is set up in such a way that it is completely safe and you can just “hang out” at a nice altitude, relaxing, snacking and simply letting adrenaline go through your veins. There are various opportunities that are available from the center and you can enjoy so many different things, which is always great for a vacation.

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cliff face camping kent mountain


  • Overnight stay: 1 person – $1,100; 2 people – $800; 3 people – $600.
  • Only Lunch: 1 person – $500; 2 people – $400; 3 people – $300

All prices are per person, of course. The money you pay includes all gear and food that is necessary. Just clothing items are necessary.

Other Adventure Options Available

If you do not want to experience the extreme cliff-face camping offered in Estes Park, you can always simply go for rock climbing. It is quite obvious you have such an option available. It is something that you can enjoy as a beginner. You have to go through classes though, available on-site, in the event you do not know much about rock climbing.

We need to add that Kent Mountain Adventure Center INC. also gives you access to Youth Rock Climbing Camps. They are perfect for youngsters and students are taught how to rock climbing while also having a whole lot of fun in the process.

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