Bungee Jumping In New Mexico – Locations And Tips To Consider

Bungee jumping in New Mexico may not be as astonishing as in other locations from around the world but it is a certainty that you can have your dose of adrenaline when you choose one of the available spots. The popularity of the sport is definitely higher than you may be tempted to believe at first glance. However, the big problem is that jumping locations are not close to populated areas or places where you will regularly stay. In various circumstances there is a need to drive over 100 miles in order to take advantage of the services offered by a professional company. If this is not something that you can afford to do, the best thing for you is to search a theme park that will offer a bungee jumping experience you can take advantage of. In addition, it is possible to be a part of numerous extreme sporting activities that are available at a closer distance than jumping sites.

The truth is that Bungee Expeditions stands out as the only real alternative that you have. The company offers different jump sites that you may want to consider, including the following ones, which are highly recommended:

  • Crooked River Gorge – Bend
  • Glenn’s Ferry – King Hill – Close to Boise
  • Dirty Devil – Lake Powell
  • Hite Marina Bridge – Lake Powell
  • White Canyon – Lake Powell
  • Hensen – Eden
  • High Steel Bridge – Shelton
  • Rio Grande Bridge – Taos
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We realize that some of the locations are not actually in New Mexico but we can include them because of the fact that they are really close and you can access the bungee jumping sites with ease if you plan ahead properly.

Safety Tips

bungee jumping safety

We noticed that there are some people that do not want to be a part of the bungee jumping experience in New Mexico as they are afraid the safety offered is not high. This is not something you should worry. Absolutely all jumping operators are checked and need to use special equipment. Just as with any other sport, deaths and injuries can happen but the number of incidents is lower than it ever was. If you worry, you can always opt for the full body harness, which will offer a lot of extra safety. Take advantage of that and you will be ok. Also, never deal with an operator that cannot show you the appropriate licenses. That is all the protection you need to take.

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