Thrilling Bungee Jumping In USA

Thrilling Bungee Jumping In USAWhen we think of bungee jumping, our mind immediately goes to New Zealand as the place where the whole adventure started. However, there are also other great locations for it worldwide. Today we will consider the highest bungee jumping locations in the United States. Get ready for a new adventure in the most amazing destinations of the American land. Let’s discover them below!

Air Bongo Tower in Dallas, Texas


No matter whether you consider bungee jumping off really high buildings or bridges, the adrenaline is part of the game. There is no better feeling for extreme sports enthusiasts than jumping from a high altitude and simply feeling free again. Air Bongo Tower in Dallas, Texas is a great location for you to consider for your beginner’s jumping adventures.

This location is made available for enthusiasts by Zero Gravity Theme Park. It is located right in the middle of the amazing Metroplex and offers you the chance to drop 70 feet in a secure yet really exciting manner.

Its main purpose is an amazing bungee jumping experience so it has become the perfect location for those who try this out for the first time or are still beginners in bungee jumping experiences. No worries about potential injuries or getting snagged during this adventure. It is one of the most surprising locations for people going to visit the Theme Park in search of new thrilling experiences.

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Bungee Tower in Government Camp, Oregon

bungee-tower-in-government-campNext on our list of amazing bungee jumping locations in the USA is the Bungee Tower by Mount Hood Adventure Park. This touristic attraction offers a wide range of adventurous entertainment options for tourists interested in trying out something new. The highlight of this theme park is the bungee tower where the most courageous tourists get ready to experience the highest thrills of their life.You can jump and drop 100 feet from it which is pretty amazing as an overall experience. Moreover, this makes the Bungee Tower become the 9th highest location with this intended purpose in the USA. In case you were just looking for a simple jump from a trap door, this is not the location for you. A bit more effort thus a lot more fun is ensured during your bungee jumping experience in the Mount Hood Adventure Park in Oregon.

New Adventure, Real Adrenaline

new-adventureBungee Jumping is a great way of having fun when flying from the sky is your kind of thing. The real thrills come from free-falling as well as the rebound effects encountered by those who have the courage to try it out.

It is all about feeling the adrenaline and letting your body go down freely. There are no risks involved in this case because everything is done through proper support. It is always a good idea to try this out on well-established locations for this intended purpose. If bungee-jumping is your kind of fun, you must try out the above mentioned two high locations in the United States.

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