Camping In Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park offers a tremendous camping experience for those that are interested, with 12 developed campgrounds and so much more that you can take advantage of. You can find campgrounds all around the park. If you want to take your tent with you and you do not want neighbors near you, camping is possible in many areas of the park. Areas are designated though. However, this will not have a negative impact on your overall experience. Just make sure you will talk with someone at the Yellowstone Backcountry Office for reservations, advice and rules.

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The Yellowstone National Park has both cheap and expensive camping opportunities that are available for those that want to stay. Low cost campgrounds are available at Lewis Lake, Norris, Mammoth, Tower Fall, Slough Creek, Pebble Creek and Indian Creek. Lewis Lake and Norris are those sites that you do want to visit if others are full since they are usually free.

Yellowstone National Park Regulations

Tents are just allowed in areas that are designated. Your stay is just limited to 2 weeks between the fifteenth of June and the fifteenth of September. Limitations do not exist at Fishing Bridge and you can stay up to one month during the other days of the year.

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Recommended Yellowstone National Park Campgrounds

yellowstone national park camping

Most of the tourists will want to stay at campgrounds. Amenities will be sparse but there are some that have showers, laundry facilities, potable water and bathrooms. Tower Fall is located close to a gas station, restaurant and a convenience store. You want to visit Slough Creek Campground because of the remote location in Lamar Valley.

The busiest of all the campgrounds in the park is Canyon Campground. You have the camp close to the visitor center, laundry room, restaurants, a store and much more. Really great views are available at Bridge Bay, which is close to the Yellowstone Lake. Tourists do not get access to much privacy but the sights are more than enough.

Camping Near The Park

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There are 3 campgrounds in West Yellowstone, in Gallatin National Forest. Tents and RVs are accommodated but hard-sided vehicles are the only ones accepted during late summer. The campgrounds are offering a service based on a first come first serve basis.

In the event that you want to enjoy some fishing, you can always go to Bakers Hole. Both RVs and tents are currently accepted and if you are lucky, you gain access to thirty sites with electric hookups. A smaller area that can be visited is Lonesomehurst. It really quickly fills up during summers though so take that into account.

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On the whole, camping at the Yellowstone National Park is a relaxing and overall wonderful experience. You need to experience the park though to realize how great it is.

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