Camping In Watkins Glen – What You Need To Know

Watkins Glen is a wonderful scenic location in Upstate New York and camping here is definitely something that you want to consider if you love nature. You can find 19 impressive waterfalls close to Seneca Lake and there are also various gorges you will love. It is not at all difficult to go camping because of the fact that sightseeing is awesome and you can even have a guide with you if that is what you want. You just need the regular camping equipment, camping rules knowledge and you are set.

Watkins Glen Camping Sites To Consider

Watkins Glen Camping

Obviously, you will need to consider the Watkins Glen State Park, which is the best possible camping location in the area. It is state regulated and camping allow you to experience everything in the park, from the natural pools to hiking. Tents and RVs are welcomed and you have access to a picnic area, pool and a playground. This makes the park wonderful for a family.

Different camping regions have been created in the park. You will need to book ahead and ask about where you can stay. This helps you to choose a destination that is close to the type of activity you want to enjoy. Also, think about your current condition. As an example, if you want to stay at a cabin, the best option is to go right to the top of the falls.

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Clute Park Campground

The campground covers 35 acres. It is a village run campground that features a skate park, soccer pitches, tennis courts, tenting sites and even RV hook-ups. You will want to stay here if you want to enjoy some great fishing in the Upstate New York region. The experience is quite great.

Watkins Glen International “The Glen”

This is the campground for the racing fan. You can easily spectate car rates at this quite famous race track. Camping should be considered if you have a trailer or an RV. Camping here is definitely not cheap but you will be connected to the track and the excitement is more than enough for most people. Comfort is high and the experience is quite unique in the area.

Camping Provisions

Watkins Glen Camping 2

Most of the local camping supplies will be available at the Tops Supermarket. This also includes groceries, cups and plates. However, what you need to buy may be of more interest for you than where to buy from.

The truth is that the only real provision you should focus on is firewood. This is because of the fact that the state park and many campgrounds will not allow outside firewood. You want to talk with the state park or campground authorities in order to learn everything about the rules. There are sits that will give you firewood that you can buy but prices are quite high when compared to what is available in the local towns.

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You can take your dog with you on the trip but you want to note that when you check-in. there are campgrounds that will charge you a fee for the pet and you definitely cannot sneak him in. The fine you would need to pay in this case is definitely a lot higher and you do not want to pay it. Also, many of the sites will require rabies vaccination documentation.

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