Camping In Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National park is not a large park but if you are looking for a great camping experience, you will want to consider it. There are actually 7 campgrounds that you can choose from and the choice is going to be one that is highly subjective, based on what you want to experience. Here is what you have to consider when choosing one and getting the experience that you surely want.  Before we get to that, remember that there is just one campground that does not accept RVs: Jenny Lake Campground.

All the campgrounds in Grand Teton National Park will operate on a first come basis. You can usually reserve spots only for groups that are higher than 10 through Grand Teton Lodge Company. For the Colter Bay campground trailer sites you can also reserve. Flagg Ranch is a concessionaire based campground that features 97 sites that have utility hook-ups, together with 74 tent sides, launderette and showers. This is the only campground that you will have to contact directly and not through the Grand Teton Lodge Company.

Facts To Know About Grand Teton Campgrounds

Grand Teton Campgrounds

Jenny Lake Campground is the option you want to consider when you want to go by tent since this is a tent only campground. It is perfectly located in a remote location close to the lake. If you do not have a car, the spot will cost you around $8 but you need to be present in the morning to book.

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Gross Ventre is the largest of the campgrounds. It is normally the last one that fills, mainly because of the size and the fact that it is close to the park’s east side, making accessing the area a little more difficult. In the event that you arrive at the park later in the day, do consider this campground first as you have the highest chances of finding free spots.

For a great experience you want to think about Signal Mountain Campground. It has beach access and great access to the lake. This spot will fill fast and overlooks Mount Moran and Jackson Lake. The two other options that have lake access are Trailer Village and Colter Bay Campground. However, these are more remote and great for those that want some solitude.

Camping Near The Park

Grand Teton Campgrounds 2

Around Jackson Hole you can find various places to pitch tents or park your RVs. There are some that have good prices and that are not far away. Many of them will charge around $50 per one night but do remember that prices often change so you have to ask ahead. The one that is seen as the best according to visitors is Snake River Park.

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