Can There Be a Perfect Summer Beach Destination with Fresh Air and Everything Else?

What should a holiday destination look like? How about New York? With enormous water bodies, massive mountains, and diverse terrains, this American destination bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Great Lakes, and six other states promises beach lover’s endless activities and summer fun. One name that may immediately pop into your mind when thinking about the beaches can be The Hamptons. This seaside town neighborhood of Long Island on the south fork deserves attention. It has perfect scenery, beach activities, and more. Plus, an AQI of 37 indicates your health will be safe in its surroundings for pure air.

You can check the summer vacation air quality index to confirm this. Beach towns with 0-50 AQI scores come under the green zone for clear air. Let’s explore other factors to ascertain why New York is the right place for a summer break with family and friends.

Breathtaking Scenery

New York beaches tap into sensory desires by serving your eyes with the views of beautiful skylines. Visit Rockaway Beach and Coney Island to see the charm. Both these locations have an AQI of 56. They fall into the moderate air quality zone. Apart from the skyline, you will witness the majestic dunes, the Atlantic Ocean, and the ancient lighthouses. All the natural features (water, mountains, and sky) combine to create an idyllic setting for a laid-back time.

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Nature’s Bounty

The coastal shorelines give you a glimpse of some of the treasured marine life. You can spot sharks, sea turtles, seals, whales, and fish. Seagulls, seaside sparrows, least sandpipers, and piping plovers also appear on the shores so that bird watchers can behold them. You will have a great time watching birds, wildlife, and fishing.

Proximity to City

Most coastal beaches are easily accessible from New York City. Rockaway Beach in Queens is an ideal example of this. It is a free public beach well connected by transportation. Those who go to Long Island beaches can also travel to them quickly.

Swimming Friendly

Whether you spend time on a lakeside or seaside beach, you can carry your swimsuit without a doubt. NYC dwellers enjoy this very much to shake off the tiredness caused by the sweltering heat. It can be one of your favorite activities if you plan to tour Brooklyn’s Coney Island for a day.

A Few Weather-Related Insights

New York City remains hot and sultry from July to August. Although it’s a famous summer holiday, you can move your plan to early September for a better weather experience. Also, peak times will attract lots of people to the beaches. So, most of them will be crowded. It would help to reach your location early to occupy a comfortable spot.

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Every moment of your beach time in New York can be full of fun, activities, and relaxation. If you visit a beach town with lower or favorable AQI, your energy levels will be high, with overall health feeling lighter and better. However, this American state is a favorite haunt of weekenders. So, plan your journey well, especially if you live in another corner of the US.

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