Best Surfing Spots On The Southern Caribbean Coast In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a wonderful travel destinations for all people that are interested in surfing. That is mainly because of the fact that the country is a lot less crowded when compared with more popular destinations like the beaches in Hawaii, Australia or Southern California. Although this is definitely the case, you can find some wonderful surfing opportunities. In fact, the entire Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is marked by surfing spots so it will be a little tough to choose.

Puerto Viejo Surfing

Puerto Viejo Surfing

Here you can find the strongest waves in the entire country, the Salsa Brava, which is a barrel wave, Hawaiian-style that will build in a deep water location and pour over shallow coral reefs that line the coast. It is basically the heaviest wave in the country and should only be tackled by experts. That does not mean that you should only visit Puerto Viejo as an extreme surfer. Laid-back surfers will find waves for absolutely any surfing level in the region. You just need to ask around so you know where to go based on your current experience level.

Playa Negra surfing

Playa Negra And Playa Cocles

These are perfect for beginners to medium skilled surfers. Playa Cocles should be visited early in the morning as the winds will not be too strong and you can enjoy wonderful surfing. It is possible to surf the entire day but morning is better.

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Playa Negra is not that crowded since it i not that well known. You will find great beach waves every single day of the year. However, the conditions are definitely better in the morning.

Playa Grande surfing

Playa Grande

The beach is located between Manzanillo and Punta Uva. There are many local surfers that you can see here, just as in Manzanillo Beach. If you decide to visit this surfing spot, make sure that you do not go alone to surf. Talk with the local surfers in order to talk about strong currents, so you know where the reefs are and see when riptides appear.

On the whole, there are various surfing spots that are available. Those that we mentioned are those that you will want to try out. However, make sure that you take your time to talk with the locals. They will give you tips and tricks that will make the entire surfing experience a whole lot better. You will also learn where to eat and stay for lower fees.

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