Caving In Carlsbad Caverns – New Mexico, USA

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The Carlsbad Caverns are tremendous for caving. You have access to canyons, rocky slopes, thorny shrubs, grass, occasional trees and cactus species. That will perfectly hide everything that is available, a network of 119 known caves, all of them formed when the sulfuric acid dissolved limestone.


The Carlsbad Cavern is one of the 300 limestone caves that range from 250 to 280 million years ago. American Indians were living there. You can find proof of that in the park. Spanish explorers reached the area in the 1500s. New Mexico became a state in the year 1912 and we now have access to these wonderful caving options that you will surely love.

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You can find the Carlsbad Caverns National Park inside the Guadalupe Mountains, which is a mountain range that goes from the southweast of New Mexico to west Texas. Different elevations are present from 1,095 meters to 1,987 meters. This park is mainly a grassland and desert habitat variety.

You should know that Chihuahan Desert stands out as the wettest and largest of all North American deserts. Most of it is located in Mexico but this park is a location that is protected and preserved. There is an average of 14.4 inches of annual precipitation. Mean annual temperature is 19 degrees Celsius.

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Carlsbad Caverns caving


The ecosystem present is highly diversified. There is habitat for many different animals and plants. Ponderosa pine is the first example that comes to mind, together with various present reptiles.

Tourists from all around the world will enjoy the presence of a high diversity of birds, insects, reptiles and mammals. We are looking at a really top habitat for various predators like cougars. Here you can locate a really large colony of cave swallows.

Accessing Caving Options

The only road access available is the New Mexico Highway 7. You will need to turn north from the US highway, 20 miles southweast of Carlsbad. The official address of the visitor center of the park is 727 Caverns Highway, Carlsbad, NM, 88220, located 27 miles from Carlsbad.

You can also enjoy access through the TNM&O and Greyhound bus lines. Passenger service is offered from Albuquerque and Carlsbad by New Mexico Airlines. The major airlines will serve Albuquerque, El Paso, New Mexico, Roswell, Lubbock and Midland Texas. Taxi service and rental cars are available from the Carlsbad airport.

Caving in Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, USA, is available from different tour operators. You will surely love the options that are presented for you and absolutely all caving enthusiasts should consider this opportunity. It is something that tourists from all around the world will love.

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