Caving And Other Exploring Activities On Ko Lanta, Thailand

Ko Lanta is a place where most tourists go to relax on the beautiful beaches and enjoy the sun lying in hammock or swimming in the sea however, those who want to engage in more adventurous activities can try caving, hiking and even elephant trekking.

Ko Lanta activities

Caving In Ko Lanta

Renting a car is the best way to discover Ko Lanta and its magic. The center of the island is known for the numerous caves that can be explored by tourists who have an interest in the underground world. The caves are quite spectacular and if you are fascinated by all the wonders that are hidden under ground, you can spend an entire day caving and driving between the numerous caverns situated on the island.

Khao Mai Kaew Cave

Khao Mai Kaew Cave is a Ko Lanta cave that can be explored only with a guide. Reservations for guided tours can be made in advance and we advise you do to this if you do not want to spend time waiting at the cave. As most caves, Khao Mai Kaew Cave will challenge you and it will amaze you at the same time. Be ready to pothole through some tight pinches, to climb up steep rocks and to descend on bamboo ladders. In the center of the cave you will find a still pool situated in the middle of a massive cavern.

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Tiger Cave

Another cave you should visit during your stay in Ko Lanta is Tiger Cave. According to locals, tigers used to live in this cave a while ago. Even though they are long gone now, the cave kept its name and it is still one of the most explored caves on the island. You shouldn’t expect the same challenges you experienced at Khao Mai Kaew Cave but we think the experience is fun and you shouldn’t miss it.

Hiking In Ko Lanta

Those who love hiking should explore the routes situated in the southern region of the island where they can explore the paths of the national park. The jungle paths in the national park are perfect for nature enthusiasts who want to explore the forest while the paths outside the national park are perfect for those who want to discover the villages in the area. The paths around Klong Jak village are particularly loved by tourist who visit this part of the island.

Elephant Trekking In Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta is home to two elephant camps that offer tourists the opportunity to discover the wonderful countryside through elephant trekking. The camps offer two type of short treks – one that leads to a cave and a waterfall and another one that goes through the rubber plantations. The highlight of this adventure is obviously the opportunity to interact with the wonderful elephants. All the elephants on Ko Lanta grew in captivity since their natural habitat was too affected to provide them with a safe environment to develop so they are used to human interaction since they grew with people who took care of them.

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