Cote d’Ivoire’s Greatest 3 Places To Visit

Côte d’Ivoire, or The Ivory Coast, is a West African country where outdoor enthusiasts can have the adventure of their lives. From architectural landmarks to beach resorts, rainforests, mountain trails, there are many places that should be discovered and adventures to be lived in this amazing country.

There are many tours available for those who want to discover the culture and architecture of the main towns and the coastline. Besides the organized tours, tourists can enjoy numerous water sport activities like boating and waterskiing or mountain adventures like hiking. Côte d’Ivoire is also a great place for wildlife watching and nature tripping in the natural parks.

If you plan to visit Côte d’Ivoire, we have a list of top 3 amazing places and activities you can’t say no to:

  1. Hiking At Man

Hiking At Man

Man, or the “City of 18 Mountains”, is a great place for hikers. Situated between mountains, including Mount Tonkoui and Mount Toura, the two highest mountains in the country, Man is known for its beautiful trails loved by hikers and for La Cascade, a beautiful waterfall that falls only 5 kilometers from town. Colorful dragonflies and butterflies will guide your way through the bamboo forest to La Cascade where you’ll be able to admire an absolutely incredible scenery.

  1. Wildlife Watching And Birdwatching In Comoe National Park

Wildlife Watching And Birdwatching In Comoe National Park

Comoe National Park is the oldest and largest protected area in West Africa and it is renowned for its diverse flora. Approximately 620 plant species can be identified in Comoe National Park. The varied climate made it possible to have gallery forests, open forests, riparian grasslands and other transitional habitats in one place.

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Wildlife Watching

The climate ranges from the dry Sudanian Savanna to humid Guinea Savanna and the differences make this national park a great place for various animal species. Comoe National Park is home to endangered species like the African elephant and the wild dogs; 135 mammal species including 11 species of primates like olive baboon, Diana monkey, lesser spot-nosed monkey, black and white colobus, green monkey, chimpanzee, white collared mangabey and Mona monkey; 21 species of artiodactyl: bushpig, warthog, hippopotamus, sitatunga, buffalo, red-flanked duiker, bushbuck, waterbuck, kob, oribi, to name just a few; 17 carnivore species from which we will mention the lion, the leopard, the rock hyrax, the spotted hyena, the aardvark and the giant pangolin.


Over 500 species of birds live in the Comoe Natural Park. Yellow-casqued hornbill, hammerkop, Denham’s bustard, 4 West African stork species, five vulture species, brown-cheeked hornbill and black-winged stilt are just a few of the birds ornithology enthusiasts can discover while wandering through the park.

  1. Water Activities In Assinie


Snuggled between the ocean and a beautiful lagoon, Assinie is a paradise you must visit! This beautiful destination is perfect for those who love boating and for surfers who love to admire palm trees and clear water. The place is perfect for a relaxing break, the atmosphere and the scenery will make even the most stressed person very relaxed during their stay in Assinie.

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