Zambezi River Rafting Facts You Want To Know

The rafting experience on the Zambezi River is praised by those that love this travel activity. This is a river that offers a lot of rafting and you will be able to create some great memories that will surely last a lifetime. There are currently many operators that allow wonderful experiences, many of them arranging pick up from your lodge or hotel in Livingstone. You are basically driven to the river and will receive all the equipment that is needed in order to be safe. Every single rafter will have to go through safety training so you know everything that you have to know in the event that you fall from the boat.

zambezi river rafting

The Zambezi River is often filled with tourists that enjoy rapids with quite creative names like Stairway To Heaven, Morning Glory, The Mother, Oblivion and Midnight Diner. You can even relax in some locations and have lunch right on the river.

What You Will Need With You

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Obviously, since you are going rafting, you will need to bring something with you, even if the operator will surely give you access to all the safety equipment that is necessary. Tourists that are interested in Zambezi River rafting need to bring water, chums if glasses are work, shorts, swimsuits, long sleeved shirts for protection from the sun, thermal tops in the event that the trip takes place when the weather is cold, lipbalm, sunscreen and sturdy shoes.

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Remember that you need to be at least 15 years old in order to go rafting on the Zambezi River. Operators will not accept you if you are younger. There is no maximum age with various old clients being serviced constantly. If you want videos and photos, they are usually available for purchase after the trip.

Make sure that the guide will be certified and that you are properly trained when you go. First aid kids are necessary and it is a really good idea to go when you have a satellite phone available since you never know when you need it. Travel insurance is obviously necessary but you will need to get that before you go.

When To Go Rafting On The Zambezi River

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The best possible Zambezi River experience happens during what is known as low water season, lasting from August to December. When you travel at another date, you will want to consider Rapid 11 or Rapid 14 since the experience is quite great. The truth is that the best experience depends on water levels so your initial plan may change while you get there. However, you should not worry much since there are plenty of rapids that you are going to love and many similar experiences are available based on where you go.

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