Enjoy An Extreme Travel Vacation In Prague

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Prague is a wonderful city that you will absolutely love because of the various different opportunities it offers. You can basically find options for all tastes, including activities for adrenaline lovers. We will highlight some of the really interesting extreme travel activities that will make your Prague vacation a true delight. We are confident that you are going to love each and every one of them. Even if you do not like them all, you will appreciate most of them.

Paintball Fighting – 4 Hours Activity

paintball prague

You can easily take many friends with you and have a great paintball fight. There are three different themes that are available and testing your strength and fitness is not at all difficult to do. Every single person gets 100 paintballs, goes through equipment training and then the fun begins.

One of the main reasons why people love this Prague option is that it is a lot of fun while also being quite challenging for strength and fitness. The 4 hours activity includes hotel transfer and paintball is only available for larger groups since there will be 2 teams that will fight. The covered area is of 5,000 square meters.

Tandem Skydiving In Prague

Tandem Skydiving In Prague

What better way to see Prague and the countryside than from the air? The jump will take place from around 4,000 meters and the speeds that your body will reach while diving is of up to 120 miles per hour. The parachute drop lasts for around 6 minutes, allowing you enough time to see the sights.

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It is really interesting to notice how many travellers join the tandem skydiving team when in Prague. The briefing will only take ten minutes and you will be under the protection of your instructors at all times. Experience what it feels like to fly and take home the video to prove that you did it.

Shooting Range Experience In Prague

Shooting Range Experience In Prague

This is a great experience because you are going to learn how to shoot weapons of military grade, all under the instruction of an expert. Included will be the Dragunov Sniper Rifle, a magnum gun, the M16 and the AK-47. The environment is 100% safe and you will surely enjoy everything. You can enjoy this experience as a professional or as a beginner. Proper aiming is guaranteed through optical sights.

Indoor Skydiving – Wind Tunnel Experience

Indoor Skydiving

If you do not want to go skydiving through the option above because of the fact that it looks too scary, you can always opt for indoor skydiving, which is available at a special arena in the city of Prague. The freefall experience will last around four minutes. You can defy gravity even while indoors and the DVD that you receive will immortalize everything.

The indoor skydiving trip takes place at Skydrive Arena. You will be inside a vertical wind tunnel that is modified for the beginner flyer. You get stable air streams that will speed up to 200 km per hour, thus guaranteeing the regular skydiving experience from a plane.

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Caves Day Trip Starting From Prague

Caves Day Trip Starting From Prague

Such a trip starts in Prague and allows you to discover the Central Bohemia castles. The cave system of Koneprusy will be the main part of the trip. You will enjoy a lunch that is prepared by a local chef and most of the caves trips also include visits to the Tocnik and Zebrak castles, all in the privacy of a small group.

The tour is really great for people that want to simply get rid of Prague for a day. The hustle and bustle of the city is quite attractive but getting away is something that many tourists consider. The experience is going to be really great. You will love it.

Alternatively, besides visiting the karst caves of Bohemia, you can also opt for a visit to the popular Pribram mining musem. This is usually combined with dinner at Majak Restaurant, which is quite beautiful.

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