Scuba Diving In Vanuatu – The Best 3 Diving Sites To Consider

Vanuatu, located in the beautiful South Pacific Ocean, a paradise for scuba divers from around the world, is made out of 83 different islands. If you want to dive, you are faced with many perfect opportunities that are available and that can be considered.

One of the wrecks in Vanuatu are renowned all around the world. The name of the wreck is SS President Coolidge and the location is Espiritu Santo. The wreck will definitely be a great focus point for your scuba diving experience but there are also other options that you want to take into account. Remember the fact that Vanuatu is popular for scuba diving but it is also a great destination for underwater activities, its active volcanoes, the quiet beaches, incredible culture, the friendly locals and the really delicious foods.

On the whole, we can say that Vanuatu offers wreck diving, regular scuba diving, trekking, a relaxing tropical getaway and abseiling, these being the most popular activities you want to consider. If you just want scuba diving, do consider the following 3 sites as they are the most beautiful.

SS President Coolidge – Espiritu Santo

SS President Coolidge – Espiritu Santo

This is a really famous diving site in Vanuatu, as we already mentioned. The wreck belonged to a luxury liner that became a US troopship. The divers will go through quite an impressive underwater experience. What is interesting is that the wreck is really well preserved. This allows it to be a great home for various species of turtles and tropical fish.

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When you go wreck diving at the SS President Coolidge, you will swim right through it and see the equipment and belongings of the troops, together with the chandeliers and other attractions like The Lady statue, which is evidence of the level of luxury that this liner had in the past. All divers will want to consider the wreck as a top attraction in Vanuatu.

Star Of Russia – Port Villa

Star Of Russia – Port Villa

When you go diving near the bottom of the Port Villa region, you will find an intact square rigger. It is named Star Of Russia, being a ship that was built by the same people that designed the Titanic. Now it may be just a home for many fish species but the diving experience is quite fantastic.

Million Dollar Point – Espiritu Santo

Million Dollar Point – Espiritu Santo

This diving spot is special because of the fact that the US army decided to get rid of huge quantities of war machineries after the end of World War II. The army simply got rid of everything by diving it here. This includes cranes, bulldozers and trucks. Million Dollar Point is a wonderful site for people that are looking for scuba diving or snorkeling. Corals, fish and wrecks await you here.

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The 3 diving spots mentioned need to be considered but others do exist. Do learn all that you can about all of them before planning your trip. The full list of diving sites in Vanuatu can be seen HERE. If you are looking for a great place to stay at and start planning your diving adventure, you can see the Trip Advisor list of the best diving resorts at this address.

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