Balloon And Helicopter Rides In Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas stands out as one city that practically everyone wants to see at least once during his/her life. While that is obviously the case, most tourists end up going to casinos and the really well-known attractions. It is very important that you look at Las Vegas as a city that is different than any other from all around the world. You can experience things that are amazing and you do have to consider all options. One of the opportunities is offered by balloon and helicopter rides. Various tours are available and we would like to recommend some that you will surely appreciate.

Las Vegas Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

Las Vegas Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

The hot air balloon ride is quite scenic and romantic. It is a perfect way to experience the city of Las Vegas as few people actually get a chance to. Look at all the neighborhoods and see tremendous views of the Red Rock Canyon. The trip takes around 1 hour but it can also go on for as long as 90 minutes.


  • Hot air balloon ride over Las Vegas
  • Get unobstructed views of the Las Vegas Strip, Red Canyon, the surrounding mountains and the local suburbs
  • You will be offered a traditional champagne breakfast
  • Only travel with licensed and experienced hot air balloon pilots
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It is hard to find another option that offers so much peace and tranquility, while obtaining completely unobstructed views of the city. You will start the ride in the southwest valley and will then drift all over the city. For many, the highlight of the vacation was this hot air balloon ride.

Grand Canyon Sunset Helicopter Ride – Dinner Included

Grand Canyon Sunset Helicopter Ride

This is the best way to experience the Grand Canyon as a true VIP. The tour is a luxury helicopter ride that starts in Las Vegas. You would go over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and others until you reach the Grand Canyon. A completely gourmet dinner will be offered, together with champagne, of course. Tourists will get to experience a totally unforgettable sunset with incredible views of the canyon.


  • Completely VIP service
  • Watch the sunset right over Grand Canyon
  • An expert pilot will also offer live commentary
  • You would land at West Rim, which offers the gourmet dinner
  • Round trip transportation to and from your hotel included
  • A 35 minutes helicopter ride

Skip The Link – Skywalk Grand Canyon Express Helicopter Tour

Skywalk Grand Canyon Express Helicopter Tour

One of the fastest ways to visit the world renowned Grand Canyon Skywalk is to take an express helicopter ride. It is perfect for those travelers that are short on time. The helicopter flight is really scenic and you will particularly love the Lake Mead views, the Las Vegas Strip and the Hoover Dam.

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  • A completely scenic helicopter flight ride
  • The flight takes 45 minutes
  • You can fly during afternoons or mornings
  • Get souvenir photographs
  • The pilot is professional, friendly and informative
  • Accurate professional recorded commentary available
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