Rock Climbing In Montagu

Montagu is located between Garden Route and Cape Town. It is recently growing in popularity due to the fact that a lot of tourists are looking for various activities that can be enjoyed. We are talking about a particularly friendly town that is capable of delivering an unexpected experience, with attractions that can appeal to all the senses you have. There are various silent mountain sides you would love, culinary delights, adventures, night skies, flowers, fruits and much more. We are faced with a town that is actually well-known for how much rock climbing it offers and adventure activities you would love. This village even includes a medicinal herb museum, together with art galleries.

Rock Climbing In Montagu

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Montagu stands out as one of the top 10 climbing hotspots in the country. You can get there from Cape Town. It is just a 2 hour drive. The climbing area is really developed, with hundreds of routes, ranging in difficulty ranges possible. You have access to some pretty interesting multi-pitch routes and around 400 single pitch routes.

As the popularity of rock climbing is growing, this area becomes even more developed. Montagu allows you to combine adrenaline with your love for nature. If you enjoy the activities that do not leave a physical footprint and you want to enjoy something that is different, you will love it here.

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There are wonderful rock climbing activities, the best in Western Cape. The routes do vary in steepness and grade while the rock quality is excellent. Montagu brings in an exceptional weather. Rain is highly limited. In fact, when it rains in Cape Town and the weather is really bad, Montagu showcases a truly exceptional weather. In Montagu you will always find great rock climbing conditions, which is quite rare.

You can choose the preferred rock climbing experience, based on your current skill level. Just make sure that you talk to the locals in order to choose something that is appropriate to your current skill level.

Tips To Remember When Rock Climbing In Montagu

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We have to acknowledge the fact that rock climbing in Montagu should start with walking as the chosen exploration route. There is absolutely no public transport here. A car has to be rented if you plan a long trip. Mountain bikes can be rented if you want to take advantage of some of the great local trails. Walk through the city streets, especially Long Street, in order to see wonderful Dutch-Cape architecture examples.

Besides rock climbing, you can also enjoy hiking. There are so many trails that can be visited in surrounding mountains. Two really good trails start right outside the town: Cogmanskloof and Bloupunt. If you want to venture ahead in Koo Valley, you can also find the really interesting Gecko Trail or the Nuy River Gorge Kloofing.

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