Kitesurfing In Oregon – Endless Beaches And Stunning Waves

If you want to go kitesurfing in USA, you surely want to try Oregon. It has options for all possible skill levels but those that really want to check it out are the experienced kitesurfers. There are many interesting challenging conditions that you can experience and the beaches are going to be a huge part of the reason why you visit. Waves will be fun and in many areas they are quite harmless. The great thing about it is that you can easily figure out if the weather changes and you need to stop if everything becomes too difficult.

Quick Kite Facts In Oregon

  • The best winds will be between May and September
  • You need to use a full wetsuit when you go kitesurfing
  • The best wind is NW
  • Wind conditions normally range between 15 and 30 knots
  • When looking at water type, you will find mostly waves
  • The weather can feature fog but all is warm
  • If you want to explore nightlife experience, you should know that the town is funky and there are many campsites to stay at

The waves are continuous but in most days people will simply love the Oregon Coast kitesurfing experience. That is because it is really fun and you can easily get up to 3 hours of downwinding. Thermals are great and during summer you will appreciate the cool ocean air when it meets warm inland air. The shoreline is endless and you can easily find wonderful places to both launch and then land in safety. Pick-ups can be easily arranged since Highway 101 is close.

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The very best stops you can consider if you want to go kitesurfing on the Oregon’s North coast, go to Manzanita, Seaside and Fort Stevens. Move towards kiteboarding in Manzanita and be sure you will enjoy some of the Oregon State Park sites. Just make sure you book in advance since it is possible to be faced with many tourists visiting.

The Best Kitespots In Oregon

  • Cannon Beach – It is perfect for learning how to kitesurf
  • Ft Stevens – the best wind is NW and there are some shipwrecks to also visit
  • Nehalem Bay – a small kite is needed since the area is quite windy
  • Manzanita – this is basically the windiest spot to go to
  • Newport – a really good spot for small to medium sized waves
  • Lincoln City – the waves are pretty good and the beach is open
  • Cape Blanco
  • Florence – cross onshore waves and wind. Fun kiting is available with north winds and you can also go surfing.
  • Whiskey Run Beach – Around 6 miles of great kitesurfing shoreline is available with beach entrance. If you go on the first 2 miles you can find a good long flat shoreline.
  • Florals Lake – another great spot to learn how to kitesurf
  • Pistol River – a rather uncrowded spot but you need to watch out for the Sebastian point rocks
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You should also consider visiting Fort Stevens as the northernmost kiting location in Oregon. The area is not as beautiful as Nehalem Bay but downwinders do love it. You can kiteboard or kitesurf for long stretches, making this a great place for long trips.

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