How To Feed Wild Birds When You Go Bird Watching

Bird watching is a favorite activity for so many people from all around the world. In most cases everything revolves around watching with binoculars and taking pictures. What if you want to take it one step further and actually feed the wild birds? You may think that this is not possible but if you can convince the birds you are safe, they will accept you in their environment. Winning the trust of birds is not as difficult as many think.

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The only problem is that feeding wild birds will take time. You want to fill feeders on a regular schedule, usually in the morning. Standing around 15 feet away from feeders is normally the very first thing to do. Birds do associate you with a safe environment and you can actually talk since birds associate voices with food. Just avoid the sudden movements. Besides this, you should also remember the following.


You basically need to do the same thing every day for a number of days, usually moving closer by one foot per day. Sometimes this is fast while in other cases you will have to wait until you get the bird’s trust. The idea is that the oftener you will repeat the routine, the higher the possibility of gaining trust.

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If the bird comes to your feeder as you are close to it, put the open hand on the feeder or close to it. Wearing gloves is not a problem if they are always of the exact same color. As birds become completely comfortable to eat close to your hand, remove feeder food and offer pieces straight on your palm.

Being Successful To Feed Birds When Bird Watching

It is so important to be ready to get disappointed. Most of the birds you will want to feed are not going to respond well, unless they are already used to people. Consistency helps you to get closer but we cannot force the birds to help you out. You will surely never be able to feed all the wild birds you see, even those that come next to you. However, it is a certainty you will remember them, especially the very first one. This is a moment that is never forgotten.

Remember that making progress is normally faster as you go early in the morning, especially if it is sunny and a little cold. Following storms normally breaks best, especially when an ice storm is the case. That is because natural food will be sealed away. Birds are eager to what you will be offering. Just make sure that you do not take it personal if you do not succeed.

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