Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy In Las Vegas

Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy In Las VegasLas Vegas is well-known for its indoor life but few people know that there are various outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in one of the most famous cities in the world. You will definitely be impressed to see how many outdoor activities are currently available.


You can rent bicycles all around Las Vegas. In most cases you can get one right from your hotel. The Las Vegas Cyclery is also available as an opportunity since it is a tour operator that has all you need from tandem to mountain bikes, together with the needed accessories and safety equipment. Mountain bike rentals will normally be at around $40 per half a day.

Fishing And Boating

Most of the water based activities will be available at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It is located around 20 miles to the east of Las Vegas. You have different harbors that give access to rentals for house boats, personal watercrafts, fishing and power boats. You can even obtain fishing equipment and the necessary licenses if this is what you want.


You are right in the middle of the desert so you can obviously go hiking. What is very interesting is the fact that you are very close to hiking destination starting points. You will definitely want to experience hiking in Mount Charleston and Red Rock Canyon. Numerous hiking trails are available.

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If you want to combine the experience with something different, you can easily go for horseback riding.  Many horseback tour companies and stables are available close to the same hiking destinations mentioned below.

Ice Skating

This is something that you cannot actually expect when referring to activities that you would be a part of in Las Vegas. You will want to go to SoBe Ice Arena as it has an NHL regulation sized rink, offering daily skating lessons and even equipment rentals. You can take advantage of public skating hours too but they will vary based on week by week schedules built around the hockey league games. In most situations you will find the rink open for public ice skating from 8 to 10 PM every evening, featuring DJs and nightclub worthy lighting.


There are many different resort complexes that give you access to swimming in an indoor and outdoor environment. Just make sure that you find the swimming pools that are the best for your personal wishes since some of the pools are not actually great. It should be mentioned that most of the pools will be chest high. If you want to swim at larger depths, you will want to focus on other options than most of the pools available in Las Vegas.

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