Glass Bottom Boat Tours In The Great Barrier Reef

According to most people from all around the world the Great Barrier Reef stands out as a wonderful natural wonder. One thing that many do not actually know is that this location is actually larger than the Great Wall of China. We are referring to a marine park that basically covers 3000 kilometers, one that is parallel to the coast of Queensland.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours In The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is well-known for its scuba diving advantages, offering an experience that is among the most popular from all around the world. However, not everyone can swim or does enjoy scuba diving. There are over four hundred coral kinds available and 1500 tropical fish species, together with many other options that are currently available. You can actually see a lot of what is available underwater through a glass bottom boat tour.

Why A Glass Bottom Boat Tour?

You will want to experience this boat tour option at least once in life and the Great Barrier Reef is a great place to start. Travelers can so easily enjoy the beauty of this reef without even touching the water. There are glass bottom boats that do include glass under waterlines but most of them will feature transparent material that is more resistant. Because of this, the use of the term “glass” is not actually appropriate. Everything is much safer than glass.

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In most cases a glass bottom boat will accommodate many different passengers but there are some limitations you should be aware of. Based on the tour you are on, there will be limitations to the number of people accommodated so be sure that you always book ahead when organizing such a vacation.

You can enjoy glass bottom boat tours that have tour guides and that will give you much more information than what you would imagine. The marine life present together with the corals makes for great photographic opportunities so do take your camera with you.

Finding A Great Glass Bottom Tour

The most common departure point for a glass bottom boat tour is the Green Island jetty. It has really easy access ramps and there is actually a glass bottom prototype that dates from the thirties. Now there are various boat companies that are available and that service tourists from all around the world.

Passengers will be able to admire the Australian Great Barrier Reef and they can do so from Cairns, a quite large Australia northeastern city that includes the largest companies that offer such a boat tour at the moment. You can also find some that depart from Port Douglas or from Mission Beach.

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Remember that with some of the glass bottom boat tours of the Great Barrier Reef you can also enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving but that is only the case in the event that the tours include it. Do not assume that this is the case. Also, you will want to consider the night glass bottom boat tours. They are popular and give you a different view of the reef.

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