Hiking Spots We Have To Recommend In Australia

For many, Australia is a land filled with desserts and the hiking that is available is always going to be subpar. That is definitely not the case. The hiking options that are available in the country are definitely wonderful. Just make sure that you prepare properly since the country/continent comes to the table with so many options that hiking enthusiasts from all around the world will appreciate. Obviously a subjective topic, the options presented below can only be considered as being the best hikes in Australia.

Whitsunday Islands – QLD

Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands is renowned all around the world for watersports, scuba diving and snorkelling. This is why most people visit but if you love hiking, you will want to seriously consider the Islands. That is due to the fact that there are many islands that offer hiking trails. If you are looking for the very best possible network of hiking trails, you want to seriously consider a visit to South Molle. Make sure that you embark on the Ngaro Sea Trail. The active traveler can easily combine hiking with sea kayaking and experience wonderful views.

Blue Mountains – NSW

Blue Mountains

You can so easily find various bushwalks at the Blue Mountains National Park. The hiking experience that can be enjoyed here includes valleys, forests, cliffs and waterfalls. It is a highly popular destination as it is really close to Sydney.

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Bibbulmun Track – WA

Bibbulmun Track

Bibbulmun can be considered as being the country’s answer to the highly popular Appalachian Trail. What is interesting is that this trail is actually around 1,000 kilometres long, taking you through breathtaking scenery. Bibbulmun starts at Perth and then goes though forests, the south coast and a lot of stunning sights. The track ends in Albany, the oldest town in WA. You can choose exactly what option you want to consider and go on 1 day treks since there are timber shelters that are located at 1 walking day distance from one another. The experience is definitely one that is among the best in Australia.

Larapinta Trail – NT

Larapinta Trail

The trail starts in Red Centre, Alice Springs and then goes on for 205 kilometres. The trail is semidesert, taking you through the McDonnell Ranges. The good thing is that you do not necessarily need to hike the entire Larapinta Trail. Multiple sections are properly maintained and can be explored, offering day trips built according to your own desires. Just make sure that you visit from April to October as the weather is more appropriate.

Kakadu National Park – NT

Kakadu National Park

If you want to enjoy virgin bushland on an overnight hike or if you just want to stroll, the Kakadu National Park, a World Heritage site, is something that you want to be a part of. The trip will allow you to see lily-filled lagoons, man eating crocodiles, waterfalls, so many bird species, Aboriginal rock art and red cliffs.

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Great Ocean Walk – VIC

Great Ocean Walk

The hike available here is 91 kilometres long, taking you to Glenample Homestead from the Apollo Bay. You go on the Great Ocean Road of Victoria, allowing you to take as much time as you want to whenever you want to. Many of the hikers will want to enjoy the trail in 2 hours sessions, overnight hikes or day hikes. What is perfect here is that the views are simply stunning.

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