Top Rock Climbing Sites In Australia

Top Rock Climbing Sites In AustraliaRock climbing in Australia is much more rewarding than what many believe. There are so many great sites that you can visit and it is obvious you will need to spend some time figuring out exactly where to go. You have to analyze various opportunities and we will aid you by sharing with you the top 5 rock climbing sites in Australia.

Mt Arapiles, Natimuc

Mt Arapiles, Natimuc – VIC

Here you can find the highest Australian concentration of rock climbing of a really good quality. It is a destination that is perfect for the climber with more experience or for the individual that wants a lot of challenge options. You can find Mt Arapiles in Victoria’s central-west area and you have to be prepared for a long trek until you reach your climbing spots.

What is impressive is that you gain access to over 2,000 climbs. Just the very experienced rock climbers will understand how stunning that is and just they should attempt many of the sites.

The Grampians - Statwell

The Grampians – Stawell – VIC

The Grampians stand out as a perfect rock climbing site in Australia for those that are looking for diversity. The distance covered by rock climbing sites cover around 100 kilometers in length and 45 kilometers in width. As you can easily imagine, this is quite stunning. You can experience various rock formations from red quartzite and orange quartzite to grey sandstone. If you think about visiting, we recommend doing so during Spring or Autumn as the climbing experience is way better.

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MT Buffalo - Porepunkah

MT Buffalo – Porepunkah – VIC

MT Buffalo is granite based, a plateau located in the North Western part of Victoria, with a height of 1,500 meters. You have access to 2 main climbing locations. Keep in mind that the terrain is quite steep. In the event you are not experienced in sport climbing, it is better not to try the rock climbing options offered. In addition, remember that snow will fall during winter so you should trek during warmer months.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains – NSW

These mountains are among Sydney’s most attractive natural site so you will want to at least visit once. There is a huge sandstone plateau you gain access to. It was eroded by streams and rivers. You thus have access to a huge variety of climbing styles and crags. You should visit during Spring or Autumn as a beginner. The experienced rock climbers can visit during any month of the year.

Point Perpendicular

Point Perpendicular – NSW

You are faced with quite a varied opportunity here. You have access to rock climbing of various styles and quality. Rock protection and position are also varied. You need to consider Point Perpendicular in the event you want to experience adventure. Out of the various regions here, Lighthouse is the most popular. Remember that there are always chances of having high winds so keep your eyes open for a sudden gust.

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As already mentioned, many other Australian sites are tremendous for rock climbing. If you have one that you love more than what we mentioned above, let us know so.

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