Underground, Underwater And On Top Of A Volcano In Naples

Naples is the perfect place for short getaways and long vacations. Located close to Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano that destroyed the famous Roman city, Pompeii, in the southern Italy, Naples is considered a piece of art by those who love history and architecture. There are many important landmarks tourists can visit in the city but Naples also offers the opportunity to enjoy some fun adventures underwater, high on mountains and underground.

Naples Underwater – Gaiola Snorkeling Tour

Those who are fascinated by the underwater world can explore the marine life and the ancient ruins of Gaiola. Situated in the Bay of Naples, Gaiola is close to the city of Naples and it offers the opportunity to discover a truly unique underwater park. The protected marina area was a thriving city once but due to bradyseism, a phenomenon common in Italy’s south regions, submerged and can be “visited” only beneath the surface now. The ancient ruins provide a look in the lives of the former inhabitants of the city and the crystal clear waters offer the perfect visibility to admire the marine life.


  • Ancient ruins of the submerged city;
  • Marine life;
  • Unique underwater world.

Naples On Top Of A Volcano – Mount Vesuvius 4×4 Tour

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Exploring Mount Vesuvius in a 4×4 vehicle opens the door to the incredible mountain landscapes in the Vesuvius National Park, amazing views from the top of the volcano but also learning important things about the infamous volcano that destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD. Since then, Vesuvius had other 30 major eruptions and it is still active today. Vesuvius is considered the second most dangerous volcano in the world. The 4×4 tour allows tourist to enjoy a drive that leads to the volcano but also scenic views of the Bay of Naples and its surroundings.


  • Active volcano;
  • History of Vesuvius’ eruptions;
  • Amazing mountain scenery;
  • Scenic views of the valleys and the region.

Naples Underground – The Hidden Underworld


Naples hosts many hidden treasures including its underground world that features a mysterious network of tunnels and caves. These tunnels were used initially to construct the buildings in Naples and throughout their history they were used for various purposes. From catacombs, cult sites, shelter during World War II and secret meeting places, the tunnels hide many secrets of the previous inhabitants of the city.

An adventure under Naples means going 40 meters below the soil with an expert guide that will introduce you to the 2700 year old Greek tanks that are connected by 2000 year old Roman channels, but also to the fascinating stories of the structures and its important role as a bomb refuge during WWII.

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The subterranean journey ends with a visit to a hidden Greco-Roman theater that can be accessed through a trapdoor. This historic theater is the place where Emperor Nero hosted song exhibitions.

After this fascinating adventure, tourists are welcomed back on land with pizza, Italian desserts, drinks and coffee.


  • Guided tour of the underworld below Naples
  • Guided tour and fascinating stories and important history lessons
  • Greco-Roman theater
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