Sorrento Hiking Trails For A Secluded But Special Vacation

The coastal town located in Southwestern Italy, Sorrento, is well-known for the wonderful water views that can be seen from the cliffs that separate the marinas from the town. Sorrento is a great starting point for hikers who want to discover the amazing Amalfi Coast by foot. Situated in the center of the city, Tasso Square is usually the meeting point for hikers who love to hike in groups. Before going towards the chosen trail, hikers will be able to wander around the ancient streets of Sorrento and even drink some delicious lemonade made out of Sorrento lemons. When reaching the hills of Sorrento, tourists are able to discover the lifestyle of the families that live in the regions and traditional farming methods that lead to some of the most amazing Italian flavors.


Hiking From Nocelle To “Colle Serra”

Probably the most famous hiking route on the Amalfi Coast, Nocelle to Colle Serra and back is a fantastic trail full of ups and downs and vertical drops. The 7 kilometers trail is a combination of stone paths, dirt paths and mule tracks. During the hike tourists can admire the wonderful flora and fauna of the region. Animal lovers will be able to see many bird species including migratory birds, sedentary birds and bird of prey, such as peregrine falcon, raven, sea gull, kestrel and buzzard; butterflies and insects and various reptile species like snakes and lizards. The fauna is a great combination of plants that strive in the Mediterranean climate including orchids (especially during spring), euphorbia, Mediterranean scrub, true myrtle and heather.

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The final destination of the hike, Punta Campanella, offers a spectacular view over the colorful Mediterranean lands, the beautiful coastline and the superb island of Capri.


Hiking Punta Della Campanella – Mount San Constanzo

Another amazing hiking trail in the region is a 7.5 kilometer route that is an ancient pilgrim pathway that opens the door to mythical eras which include olive trees of Minerva and Benedictine vineyards. During the hike, tourists can also stop to admire the architectural and historical landmarks that are scattered along the trail including rocky walls with Oscan inscriptions, Saracen defense towers, Athena Temple and many others. Mount San Constanzo provides incredible views of the region, the island of Capri and the mountain scenery.

The trail is a mix of ancient stone, stone and dirt paths and its surroundings are rich in various tree and plant species including Mediterranean scrub, pine wood, gariga, true myrtle, valerian, rosemary and different roses. The fauna is the same as the one you can encounter while hiking Nocelle and lucky tourists can also see small mammals.

Hiking Campo Del Pero – Acqua Santa

A 6 kilometers hike with mule tracks, dirt and stone paths that goes through amazing beach and mountain landscapes that include Mount Lattari, a beautiful area that is part of the Lattari Mountains Regional Park.  This path allows hikers to discover a diversity of vegetation that includes anything from beach trees and other typical beach vegetation to black pine and mountain plants. The highest point of the hike offers panoramic views of the Molare Peak.

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