Australia’s Very Best Bungee Jumping Destinations

Most people do not know this but bungee jumping has really strong origins in the country of New Zealand thanks to the work of AJ Hackett. Because of this, you can so easily enjoy various different bungee locations in both New Zealand and Australia. Thrill seekers actually love the country and you will surely want to put it on the bungee jumping list if you want a really great experience. Queenstown is the really well-known destination but you will want to also consider others.

We can talk about many different bungee jumping locations in Australia but those that are presented below are those that people normally consider and recommend.

Cairns – Queensland

Cairns has both dry and wet as seasons and is a perfect stop for the adrenaline junkie because it offers wonderful bungee jumping. The skies are blue, the weather is almost always great and the gentle breeze makes everything wonderful. You will be able to enjoy a truly wonderful jump with great rainforest backdrops.

Darwin – Northern Territory

Darwin is a great destination for younger tourists since the population is also young. You will be able to enjoy jumping, swimming and fishing at some great lakes, with views featuring historical sites and spectacular waterfalls. This entire region is green and entertainment is available through numerous dining places and pubs.

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Perth – Western Australia

Perth offers a truly ultimate bungee jumping experience that is perfect for the thrill seekers. The Swan River views are truly great and you will be able to enjoy various different tourist attractions, including architectural landmarks. Perth is great for those that love adventure since it offers much more than bungee jumping, with many adrenaline filled activities that you would love.

Adelaide – South Australia

One word can easily describe this location: scenic. Adelaide is close to Torrens River and is surrounded by many green parks, with a tremendous backdrop featuring Mt. Lofty Range rolling hills. The region features an easy and free lifestyle that although a little not as some imagine because of the constant cloudy weather, offers so much adventure.

Canberra – ACT

Canberra is renowned for many different travel opportunities including the parliament house, museums, cricket matches, rugby and numerous art galleries, together with beautiful parks and botanic gardens. Besides all this, Canberra offers one of the best bungee jumping experiences in Australia. The nature side here is remarkable and you will be able to combine this activity with hiking towards numerous natural reserves, extensive trails and more. There are many famous natural reserves present in Canberra so do be sure that you visit them.

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Gold Coast – Queensland

Many foreigners do not know this but the Gold Coast is actually the main holiday destination in Australia because of the beautiful sandy beaches. Besides this, adrenaline pumping activities and sports will make everything memorable, including bungee jumping. The heights that you can experience here are among the highest and you will be able to also enjoy other activities you will love.

These were the bungee jumping activities that we love in Australia. Obviously, there are many others that can be considered. You might love another bungee jumping destination. If so, let us know below.

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