Biking Bolivia’s Death Road Trail – Guide And Tips

The Death Road is by far the most popular hiking trail Bolivia has to offer. We can say that it is a truly infamous road that has a great location since it is close to La Paz, which is exactly where most of the country’s must do activities can be found. Tours on the trail are cheap, starting from $80 per person. However, we should understand that the hike will be dangerous. In 1995 this road was named as the most dangerous in the entire world. Every single year there are 2 to 3 hundred people that die there, thus the name.

Good news comes from the fact that you should not really be alarmed by the name of the road. It is so much safer at the moment, as long as you go with an experienced tour guide. Biking is generally the best way to handle the road but you can always walk if you are in a good condition.

Death Road Biking

Biking is the preferred option since a tour just takes one day. This makes it really easy to plan the trip and find many tour operators that will offer a great experience. Generally speaking, packages will include the equipment you need, a guide and radio communication. Safety is a big concern for the operators with first aid kits being available and ambulances being close-by if something bad happens. Besides this, the experience is a delight and the tours normally include a stop for food and you would receive a CD with photographs.

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Death Road Safety

If your attitude is positive, you listen to what the guide tells you and you have the adequate equipment, safety is going to be really high. You get to enjoy some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery in the country and traffic is so much less than what it used to be after the road was closed for most vehicles.

The Raining Season

Between the months of December and early March Bolivia has its rainy season. It is a really good idea to try to visit outside this time frame. This is because although rain will not stop the tour, you will not have an experience that would be as great as it could be. You will be slowed down when the road gets muddy and cancelling the tour to go on a following day is normally not an option.

What To Take On A Tour

The tour takes you through many small streams and waterfalls. You should expect dust and mud so do be sure you will bring some clothes with you. Warm clothes will be needed in the morning as the tours wills start at a higher altitude. If you go through the wet season you need a raincoat and besides all this, sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing clothes and mosquito repellent are a great idea. Do be sure that you will have some money with you. Although not much is necessary, it is great to have some money in your pockets.

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