How’s Bungee Jumping In Queenstown Like?

Jumping off things is part of the human culture, it’s in our DNA. People have jumped off things to run from a mountain lion or to fall into the sear. We do it for survival or for pleasure and we love the sensation. That is the reason why bungee jumping is considered to be one of the most thrilling experience in a person’s life: it gives the individual the right amount of adrenaline to fall in love with jumping.

The Center Of All The Fun

bungee jumping queenstown

It has been proven that Queenstown, New Zealand, is considered to be a safe haven for bungee enthusiasts and people that want to discover a new type of experience. Here, people can actually experience a free fall for about 5 seconds, covering a distance of 14 stories up.

This is quite spectacular because you have the chance to experience that you are flying, you will be equally terrified and excited as you come close to earth. Next, you will be bouncing up and down on the cord until you have exhausted the energy of your fall. Someone will then come and untie your feet and put you back on the ground. This is what actually happens when a person bungees in Queenstown.

You Decide When You Jump

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When signing up for such an adventure, you need to be prepared for all the things that are about to happen. The jumpmasters are the ones responsible with your wellbeing, they are the ones that will train you and offer you advice, but they won’t push you off. This is a decision that you will need to make on your own. Henry van Asch, the co-founder of AJ Hackett Bungy, talks about the importance of this personal decision.

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There have been situations when people have changed their minds and stopped from jumping, there are others that needed more time in order to build up their courage and there are some that have done it in the first 5 seconds after they were cleared. This is something that really depends on the individual as it is rather an emotional and intellectual experience, rather than a physical one. The idea here is not to have a strong body in order to perform the jump, but to have a strong mind and a courageous heart. Think about it: if you have jumped from 143 feet, what can’t you do?


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One last detail that should be illustrated here is the idea of safety. This is one of the most important aspects that a jumpmaster should provide for his clients. It is all based on trust, reviews, recommendations and testimonials. People search for bungee jumping places that have a perfect score in terms of safety and caution. That is one of the things that the bungee jumping sights in Queenstown take pride: they are safe for the general public to use.

Bungee jumping is more than just a simple sport. You acknowledge the fact that those 5 seconds of flying are basically much more than a simple sensation, they are an experience that teaches you many things.

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