Jiuzhai Valley National Park – The Most Beautiful Natural Scenery In China

Jiuzhai Valley National Park is the place with the most beautiful natural scenery in China where over 220 bird species and many endangered animal species found home. The national park is also a magical flora land with incredibly beautiful orchids and rhododendrons.

Situated in South Western China in the Min Shan mountain range, Jiuzhai Valley National Park is renowned for its spectacular waterfalls, blue and green lakes, the unique land formations and, of course, for the wonderful flora and fauna. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, the park has one of the most scenic natural habitats in China and it is visited by nature enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Tibetan villages scattered around the park are home to people who still respect the traditional lifestyle of their ancestors.

The landscapes, ecosystem, cultural background and the majestic landscapes make Jiuzhai Valley National Park an amazing place to visit for those who love eco-tourism, wildlife, birding and outdoor adventures, such as hiking, camping, trekking etc.

Wildlife & Bird Species In Jiuzhai Valley National Park

If you plan to visit Jiuzhai Valley National Park for the wildlife, you won’t be disappointed. Numerous animal species can be admired in the park including some rare and endangered species like the giant panda and golden monkey. While visiting the park, tourists can also see the Asian Wild Dog, the Red Panda, the Brown Bear, the Grey Wolf, the Himalayan Palm Civet, the Himalayan Marmot, the Siberian Weasel and many others.

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Wildlife In Jiuzhai Valley National Park

Birders will be more than pleased with the numerous bird species, including some endemic species, they will be able to photograph while visiting Jiuzhai Valley National Park. While birding, tourists will be able to admire Swans, Lovebirds (endemic to China), Green-tailed pheasant (a rare bird species), Red-bellied Golden Pheasant (China endemic), Blue Eared Pheasant, The Mallard Duck and other amazing birds that live in the national park.

 Bird Species In Jiuzhai Valley National Park

Must Visit Places In Jiuzhai Valley National Park

He Ye Village

Must Visit Places In Jiuzhai Valley National Park

He Ye Village is the largest Tibetan village in Jiuzhai Valley National Park and it has a distinctive architecture and a wonderful natural scenery especially during fall months. The village is also known for the 100 year old giant pine tree at the back of the village.

Bonsai Shoal

Bonsai Shoal

Situated at a 2240 meters altitude, Bonsai Shoal is a mesmerizing water land with travertine beaches. The slow running water separate weeds, azaleas, cypresses, poplar, willow and other plants. The bonsai collection in the region is considered nature’s work of art and one of the best collections in the world, not even comparable to the ones created by humans.

Jia Wu Sacred Mountain

Considered a sacred altar by local people, Jia Wu Sacred Mountain is the place where they go to pray for blessings. During the Tibetan festivals that take place every month, tourists can observe locals during their water worship ceremony or performing intriguing ancient religious ceremonies.

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Nuorilang Waterfall

Nuorilang Waterfall

Nuorilang Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in China and it is spectacular year round. During summer months the noise of the waterfall alone creates an incredible spectacle. During winter months, the waterfall freezes creating a fascinating ice curtain.

Zha Yi Zha Ga Mountain

Zha Yi Zha Ga Mountain

Zha Yi Zha Ga Mountain is loved by tourists for the eco-tourism hiking trail that allows them to discover the fantastic views of the sacred mountain, the unique flora and fauna and other hidden treasures that cannot be found in the main touristic valleys of the park. The hiking trail can be pretty challenging and it brings tourists to altitudes over 4000 meters.

Unique Lakes In Jiuzhai Valley National Park

Unique Lakes In Jiuzhai Valley National Park

Those who love a magical lake view have plenty of unique lakes to discover while visiting Jiuzhai Valley National Park. It’s probably impossible to visit all of them during one visit so we advise you to choose the ones that fit your preferences.

If you are looking for birding opportunities, visit the Swan Lake or Peacock Riverbed. Those who want to see colorful lakes filled by mesmerizing waterfalls can choose between Sparkling Lake, Shu Zhang Lakes (considered by many people the epitome of Jiuzhai Valley) or The Panda Lake and The Panda Waterfalls.

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Lying Dragon Lake, Rhinoceros Lake, Five Colored Pond and Five Flower Lake are perfect for those who are fascinated by the majestic plants that create unique underwater lake worlds. The algae, flowers and underwater flora of these lakes created colorful art masterpieces that reflect on the lake’s surface.

Long Lake and Mirror Lake are also incredible lakes with wonderful views that should be added on a visitor’s list.

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