Great Sports Activities To Enjoy When In Tenerife

Tenerife is an incredibly popular travel destination for all those that want to relax and take a break while on a stricter budget. It is also a wonderful spot if you are looking for some out-of-the box sports activities. Tenerife is world renowned for the unique landscapes, sunny weather and gorgeous beaches the tourist can experience. Beach enthusiasts make up most of the visitors since we are talking about a true tropical paradise.

Tenerife’s reputation of a tourist hotspot means the sports enthusiast traveler will not really be interested in a visit. The truth is that the region offers so much if you want to try some great sporting activities. That is especially true when referring to water sports but not limited to that.

Water Sports In Tenerife

A huge draw for those interested in visiting Tenerife is the availability of numerous all inclusive holidays. Sunbathing is normally preferred but if you love water sports, this island should be considered. Water sports that are quite popular in the area include water skiing, surfing and kite surfing. If you love water sports, you will definitely want to try El Medano. It offers great beaches for water sports enthusiasts.

If you love being in water and not necessarily on it, you will want to try snorkeling and scuba diving in Tenerife. Some of the all inclusive holiday packages will offer the opportunity. However, it is much better to conduct your own research so you can choose some spots that are perfect according to your personal tastes.

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If you never tried diving in the past, do not worry since you can easily choose out of various scuba diving centers and schools around Tenerife. Some are tailored for professionals but most will mainly accommodate beginners, including those coming from another country.

Hiking In Tenerife

If you are not that much interested in what based activities, you can always try one of the numerous walking and hiking options. Great breathtaking trails are available on Mount Teide in Teide National Park. If you are a beginner but you still want a more challenging experience, you can go to Las Montanas de Anagna. This location is also great if you are interested in a harder and longer trek, with stunning scenery as a reward. Mountains are covered with dramatic rock formations and dense forests. Nature lovers will surely love this experience.


Going higher in altitude offers the possibility to go for some outdoor pursuits that are different than many expect. Paragliding is a great example of that. It is more extreme and the island views are incredible. Just make sure that you book in advance since the demand would be high with not so many places available in peak season times.

Relaxing Sports Activities

Tenerife Golf

When interested just in lighter sports, you can always go for golfing. Different gold courses are available in picturesque locations like Las Americas and Los Cristianos. If you are passionate about golf there are many hotels that are dedicated to this sport. They offer customized experiences that are so much better for those that love golf than when you book your stay alone.

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As you can see, Tenerife is not just about having fun in the sun and getting a tan at the beach. It also offers different sporting activities the more active traveler is going to enjoy. If you know of other activities, let us know below. Tenerife is great and should be experienced by more tourists.

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