How To Have A Lot Of Fun While On A Disney Vacation

A trip to Disneyland can be a lot of fun but this is definitely something that will cost a lot more than what you initially envisioned. It is a good idea to do all that you can in order to prepare for the trip so that you can actually enjoy yourself as much as possible. After all, you pay for everything.

There are various things that you can do in order to enjoy Disneyland more. We took the liberty of mentioning some aspects that you will surely want to take into account. These will make that Happiest Place On Earth even happier for you.

Start Early!

By this we mean that you should get there as soon as the park opens in the morning. It will be a little difficult with the kids but by 10 you will get to experience all of the greatest rides without having to go through long wait times. After that, you can simply go from one ride to the next, not thinking much about how much you need to wait. Just go for the ones that are free.


Adapt Based On Your Children

There is a pretty good chance that your children will actually guide you through most of the park in the sense that they are the ones that will decide what rides to choose and what to buy. This is not at all bad. Most parents want to cramp everything in just one day so that they can get as much as possible for the money that they pay. This leads to horrible memories.

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Remember that you go to Disneyland in order to have a lot of fun and create great memories. Don’t stay focused on that hypothetical schedule that you created a day before based on possible discounts.

Downtime Should Be Scheduled

You cannot simply go from one ride to the next since that will make you miss out on much fun while also making you quite tired at the end of the day. It is a good idea to spend some time at the hotel to relax once in a while.

Disneyland downtime is not actually downtime in the regular sense of the world. In this case it can mean taking leisure lunches, sitting down in a restaurant or watching jumping fountains while you unwind. A nap in the afternoon can easily get you recharged for a nighttime parade or some fireworks.

Children Visiting Should Be At Least 4 Years Old

If the child is younger, there is a pretty good chance that he/she will not remember the trip. Also, Disneyland is not as much fun with strollers, drinks and diapers. A child that is at least four can actually enjoy many of the rides and more energy is available for the trip. A day in the park can be quite long and you want your child to enjoy himself/herself as much as possible.

Use Mobile Apps To Help You Out

Technology seems to be everywhere around us so why not take advantage of this? If you have an iPhone, check out this app from the App Store. It will help you out a lot since it is capable of showcasing exactly how much wait time you can expect for the ride that you want to be on. In addition, you can find the closest restaurants, learn about parade times and much more.

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Give In On The Entire Experience

Disneyland is filled with actors, princesses, magic and cartoons. You need to give in and accept this as a reality. I saw many that were disgruntled by the many different weird things going on but you have to remember that you are basically entering the world of Disney. Your children will love all that they see and that is why you need to enjoy yourself too. Do not hurry just because you do not like the actors dressed up as cartoon characters.

Don’t Wait Too Much For Photo Opportunities

There are many different characters that walk around and Mulan or Goofy are not the only ones that you can get a picture of. If the line is too long, look for an opportunity at a later point in time. It should be added that you can also take a picture with the characters. Let the children take the photos as they will love this.

Fireworks Should Be Seen During The Last Night

It is definitely tempting to see the fireworks every single night but this is not something that you should do. In most cases the fireworks will start at around 9 or 10 PM. Many children are usually sleeping then and you do not have to force them just to see the fireworks. One of the most interesting ideas that we heard was to leave the fireworks for the last night. This helps out a lot since you will have this moment as a grand finale to a great vacation. You surely spend many nights on your trip to Disneyland and there are many things that you can do. Leaving the fireworks for the last night is the cherry on the vacation cake.

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Learn To Say No

Expectations for kids are clear when rules are set in the beginning. It is not wrong to say no from time to time. Children should not actually receive all that they want. Also, it is a very good idea to also learn how to say yes from time to time. For instance, there is nothing wrong with a child to eat two ice creams in one day from time to time. Balancing yes and no will help you a lot in making sure that your children grow up responsibly.

Always Remember That You Are There To Have Fun!

You will see so many parents that are way too stressed in Disneyland. You have to enjoy yourself there, even if you do not feel that great or you have been waiting in a line for a pretty long time. Relaxation and having fun are both possible in the park.

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