Top 3 Best Bungee Jumping Locations In France

Want To Go Bungee Jumping In France?

There are so many great bungee jumping locations in France. They are actually a lot more than many tend to believe. Given the presence of the Alps, you can easily expect to find wonderful jumping options that are available. However, you will be a little surprised to see that out of the top 3 best bungee jumping locations in France, none actually make you jump from a mountain. Bridges are much more impressive in France.

artuby bridge bungee jumping

1. Artuby Bridge Bungee Jumping – by Latitude Challenge

Latitude Challenge manages to offer the best bungee jumping experience in France thanks to the set up that launches you from the Artuby Bridge in Marseille. You have the opportunity to jump from a height of 597 feet and you would need to pay $158 for one jump. It is definitely expensive since the country has an average cost of around $115 but this spot is actually the fifth highest bungee option from a bridge, 7th overall. Over 80,000 jumps were overseen by Latitude Challenge in the past so safety is guaranteed.

pont de possonas

2. Pont De Ponsonnas Bridge Bungee Jumping – by Vertige Adventures

Vertige Adventures secures the second best bungee jumping location in France. The company charges $115 per jump from the Pont De Ponsonnas Bridge in Grenoble, a jump that starts at a height of 337 feet. This is the 24th highest bungee jumping height in the world at the moment and the 16th from a bridge. According to Vertige Adventures, this bridge jup is the best in Europe because of how many people use it and the facilities offered. Although the site is truly stunning and the views are wonderful, it still has to be number 2.

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3. 2 Alpes Cable Car Bungee Jumping – by Voltige Bungy

Just as the name implies, Voltige Bungy offers cable car bungee jumping in Les Deux Alpes. The jump height is higher than with number two at 459 feet and you would need to pay $116 for one jump. You should be aware of the fact that this spot is actually the highest jump from a cable car in the world. It is in the top 20 with high jumps from anything. What is interesting is the altitude where the cable car drop you from: 2200 meters. You can easily imagine what a sensation that is. The team on site is highly experienced and the memories made will last forever.

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