Manhattan’s Most Popular Tourist Attractions

It is said that you need to visit New York City at least once in your life and it is easy to understand why when you see what is offered. We are talking about the most populous of the country’s cities, the so called “city that never sleeps”. This is especially true when referring to Manhattan, which is a must see part of NYC.

We can mention so many different locations that have to be visited in Manhattan and activities you can enjoy. However, not all of them are worthy of the “must do” label. Those below are definitely in this category.

The Statue Of Liberty

Obviously, this is the most iconic spot that NYC has to offer. It is featured in all pictures and often mentioned as a must visit. What many do not realize is that it is so hard to imagine the scale of the Statue Of Liberty. Taking the ferry to Liberty Island and waiting in a queue is going to be highly rewarded. Be sure you have some extra free time available so that you can wander on this island as the views are great.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Commonly known as the MET, this is among the largest of all the art museums in the world and it is not just size that makes you want to visit. There are actually millions of art works that cover 500 years of history. No matter what you love, you will find something that you will adore, including works by Jacque Louis David, Picasso and Monet, just to mention a few. New York City has many great art museums that you can see but the MET is like no other.

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Times Square

There are 2 main reasons why you absolutely want to visit Times Square. The first one is to go people watching. In Times Square there are so many colorful characters coming from all across the city and even the world. A staggering 350,000 visitors come every single day. The second one is that this is the main theater district in the city. If you want to see a show, you can be sure that the Radio City Music Hall or Rockefeller Center will have something great on display.

The American Museum Of Natural History

There are various different traveling and permanent exhibits featuring humpback whales, dinosaurs and mummies, among many others. If you are looking for some curiosities, they are definitely going to be here since the AMNH never disappoints. This is truly one of the most important of all the museums that the US has to offer and it is right in the middle of Manhattan.

Final Thoughts

Manhattan is simply incredible. You want to see as much as you can of it. Remember that you can drive through Manhattan but this means you will lose most of your day and parking spaces are hard to find. It is better to opt for public transportation. The 4 destinations above are just some of the most iconic and dozens more can be added to the list.

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What is your favorite Manhattan spot?

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