A Simple Guide For Offshore Fishing In Kona, Hawaii

In November 1954 history was made in Kona when George Parker caught a record breaking 1,002 pounds Pacific blue marlin. Ever since that day offshore fishing kept getting better and better. The billfish success in Kona is constant, sparkling close a revolution when looking at big-game fishing. Kona is a great place for the professionals and for those that only now start fishing because of the abundance of fish present in the water.

The Billfish Experience

In Kona’s waters you can catch striped marlin, shortbill spearfish, broadbill swordfish, sailfish, black marlin and blue marlin, among many others. The most popular are the billfish of course. There are blues of so many sizes that can be caught at every point of day or night. During summer seasons though, there are even more. It is quite common to fish 500 pounders.

Striped Marlin

If you are not into billfish, you can consider striped marlin. You can fish while on a cruise. Such an option is available all throughout the year. The record in Hawaii is of 212 pounds, from March 2011. Looking at north Pacific locations, this is quite big. The striped marlin is attracted to this part of Hawaii especially when the winter waters are cooling down. Chilly times mean trollers can even get 12 bites from striped marlin.

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Black Marlin

Another great fish you can catch in Kona is the black marlin. It is outside normal migration range and you can only get to see some every year. In many cases the size will be smaller when compared with what you see at The Great Barrier Reef but the satisfaction of catching the fish when it is rare is quite high for tourists. Even if you do not catch the black marlin, many others can be caught so the experience will not be bad even if you do not catch it.

Tuna Fishing In Kona Hawaii

Kona did set different records in the past when referring to tuna fishing, with the shocking one being a 269 pounder. Kona does attract yellowfish schools all year round. However, ahi will be mostly popular throughout summer and late spring. Schools migrate from west to east. The lucky boats will actually catch close to 10 every single day on average, normally over 100 pounds through live-baiting or trolling. The state record for ahi is 325 pounds but the 250 pounders are actually often caught.

Releasing Or Harvesting?

Tag and release billfish is quite common in Kona, Hawaii. Various boat captains are servicing the area at the moment. Client preferences are always expected if you want to release the marlin you catch. However, it is important that you do come to a suitable agreement before the charter is booked. Some of the captains will want to keep healthy marlin in the event clients do not care. Billfish weight as trophies should also be discussed in advance.

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Offshore fishing in Kona, Hawaii is definitely something that all fishing enthusiasts are going to love. However, because it is very popular, you may end up with quite a crowded experience. If this is not something that you would appreciate, be sure that you plan your charter experience way in advance. Research and do be sure that you discuss all details with boat captain so there is an agreement before you leave.

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