Surfing In Kauai, Hawaii

Whenever talking about surfing in Hawaii, the one destination that always pops up is Oahu. It is definitely a wonderful destination for surfers but Hawaii offers many other great opportunities that can be taken into account. Kauai is one of these locations.

There are 50 white sandy beach miles that are offered by the Kauai Island. It is locally referred to as The Garden Isle. You may know the location from it being featured in South Pacific, a Hollywood movie. It is also a great option for those that are looking for stunning mountain scenery. There are many interesting surfing spots that you can enjoy in Kauai, all being great as they are public and quite secret in the sense that not many know about them.

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The entire South Shore offers great swells from May to October. You can find some spots for all possible surfing skill levels. Poipu Beach is the first example of a popular surfing spot that you want to experience. The best beginner wave is available at Lemon Drops. The waves there are quite slow for the experienced surfer but you can use the location to learn or to experience great surfing if you are a beginner.

Close to the condominiums in Prince Kuhio, you can find PK, which is a tremendous all around wave that allows an easy take off. That is close to Heroins and Acid Drop, 2 great spots that are perfect for the experienced surfer. Kalapaki Beach is perfect for shallow experiences and bodyboarding. Kealia Beach on the east coast is also great for the bodyboarder.

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In the event that you are going to visit during winter months, you want to go on the North Kauai Shore. The experienced surfer is going to visit Hanalei Bay, a great place with 2 sandy coastline miles. Hanalei Pier is perfect for the surfing beginner. If you are looking for something else, you can also find great surfing options at Cannons and the Kalihiwai Point, which is a great right point break in a remote location.

Surfing In Kauai

Keep in mind the fact that Kauai is known as a destination that is dangerous. The drowning rate here is higher than in any other location in Hawaii. It is important that you conserve energy if you are going to be caught in riptides. Caution is highly necessary. Try not to go surfing alone and if you do not feel great about surfing, you should simply not go out.

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