Mountain Biking In North Shore, Vancouver

Vancouver is a really popular destination for those that enjoy mountain biking, although not many know about the possibilities available. We already highlighted some regular bike rides in Vancouver but this time we want to talk about mountain biking.

north shore mountain biking

The North Shore offers great freestyle mountain biking and we will highlight some of the really interesting locations you want to try right below. However, before we start, make sure that you are at the right fitness level. The truth is that mountain biking the North Shore is not for the biker that is a beginner. The only trail that is a little easier is the first one but even this option is not great for the true beginner.

Cypress Mountain – Stupid Grouse Trail

The skill that you need here is easy to moderate. The Stupid Grouse Trail is great not just because of the funny name it has. The location features various natural obstacles, dips and even really fast flowing sections that will make your heart run faster. The beginners can tackle the trail so that they experience what Vancouver mountain biking can offer but you should not actually focus on this if you never went on a mountain before.

Mount Fromme – Pipeline

The rating for this mountain biking trail is moderate. It is a classic trail, the most popular one on the mountain. You will love the fact that it is properly maintained and that features all the classics that North Shore is known for: skinnies, ladders and even a great teeter-totter. Mountain biking here is tough but it is a perfect introduction for the entire region for those that have some experience.

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Mount Seymour – Boogyman

This is quite a difficult trail, one that you do need a lot of experience to handle. You need to only consider it if you are an experienced rider, offering a really great challenge. There are many hucks, ladders, A-frames, obstacles and rock faces that you will simply love while you build up a sweat. There is a super steep section here that is dangerous. If you want to avoid it, just take the Pangor exit.

Mount Fromme – Air Supply

This is the most extreme trail that appears in North Shore, Vancouver. Many consider it a mountain biking trail that is designed for those that have death wishes. Air Supply is well-known for causing concussions, abrasions and broken wrists. Because of this, safety is paramount. You want to only go to this trail if you are a professional. Air Supply gives you really narrow ladders, gap jumps and much more. The course is definitely impressive, with professional riders from all around the world visiting.

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